Who is mywirecrowd ?….

Hi there, my name is  Gayan Dananjaya I was born in Sri Lanka  I am working at home an entrepreneur a how runs an online store with our a friend  

I blog on Web design, SEO, Affiliate marketing, Passive income method, and any related topics. I started this blog to share my personal experience in my journey of entrepreneurs, to express my thoughts and to share some advice with the readers. I believe sharing is caring! I hope to interact with more like-minded people and learning from others as well.  Blogging is my passion. I enjoy blogging because it’s a great way to let my thoughts be heard and it could possibly inspire others in some positive ways. Who knows? I welcome guest blog, freelance assignments and product/service reviews that are related to my blog. I’m active on social media. I post regularly on IG/FB and I check my emails daily