Best AdSense Alternatives to Consider for Your blog site

Did you say you couldn’t give Adsense?

Are you also a webmaster? Then you definitely need an ad network to get income.

The most popular ad network we all know is Google Adsense. But what exactly is going on in this?

Simply put, Adsense is a network that connects publishers and advertisers like you. This means you connect your website to an ad network, giving advertisers the opportunity to display their ads on your website. So, in this case, as an income, if a visitor to the website clicks on an ad or views it, you will get a higher percentage of the amount the advertiser bid.

But they have a lot of policies for getting Google Adsense. If your content is adaptable to them, no problem.

But suppose the content on your website is not compatible with Google Adsense policies.

For example, if you have 18+ content, illegal content, content about religion, racism, animal cruelty, or Google prohibited content, it will be a little difficult for you to get Adsense. If your site is not built in accordance with their policies, they will not give you Adsense.

So why go after another advertisement? Don’t be afraid if Adsense says no. You have many more alternative ad networks.

These are also very easy to setup and will pay you a good share. Some even pay more than Google Adsense.

  2. Revcontent
  3. Mediavine
  4. Monumetric
  5. AdThrive
  6. Infolinks
  7. Propeller ads
  8. Ezoic
  9. Revenue Hits

These ad networks also have relevant policies. You can easily find them on the web.

So do not waste any more time after Adsense.

Not only that, if you want to select Adsense prohibited content as a niche, there is no problem in finding an ad network.

So you too, try to get a good ad network that suits your website. You can get a good income.

Ads that are helpful to the Yahoo and Bing search engines Network is the second best option for AdSense.

source : home page is a contextual ad network brought to you by Yahoo and the Bing search engine. is now the most trusted and successful ad network worldwide. has many features. The most important of these is having an Account Assistant from dedicated to helping you get started. This account manager will also help you earn more money from your website. Think how valuable it is to an apprentice? Features and Additional Information. is a contextual advertising network. This means that the advertisement is based on what is posted in the post (article or content). For example, if you run ads in an article about animals, your readers (visitors) may see ads related to animals and animal products. Also, if you run ads on a web page written about cameras, readers will be able to see ads related to cameras and photo equipment.

Contextual ads reach people better than any other type of advertisement (direct advertising). This is one of the reasons why AdSense is so popular. is also powered by Yahoo! and Bing, and through you can only see high-quality and high-paid ads. targets websites ranging from small to large with quality content, so even if you have a small website with a good niche (topic) and quality content, you have a high chance of getting a Media Net account approved.

The quality of advertisements on is very high, and therefore, various optimization techniques will help you earn significant money from the ads placed on your website.

Mobile Ads: Another key feature of is mobile phone ads. As the number of smart phone users increases, mobile ads are the future of advertising for publishers. So mobile detection technology automatically detects mobile and smartphone browsers, making it easier to maximize revenue.

There are very few ad networks that offer their own personal account assistant, and MediaNet is one of the most important. Once your account is approved, you will be provided with an account assistant who will assist you as needed and provide you with all the guidance and assistance you need to get started. If you are not really a blogger who likes to optimize ads (color, text, etc.), then your account assistant will do the optimization for you as well. However, this feature will soon be off the media net.

A user dashboard that anyone can easily use. dash board

If you have an approved account, you can use that account for all your websites. But you have to approve each website separately. Thank you very much.

In Adsense, when something goes wrong with our website (like something illegal), our adSense account is often disabled without any notice. However, the account manager notifies us via email of any errors that may occur on our website on the media net.

How to get started with

There is a very easy way to apply to You can apply just by entering your website url, your contact number, and your email address. An email notifies you whether or not it has been approved.

They have legal policies to ensure the high quality of their advertising. (program policies, guidelines) So studying these rules and regulations before applying will help you complete this task successfully.Click here to review policies

Once your application is approved, go to the dashboard and start creating the ads for your website. Add the ads html code to the website wherever you want to display the ads. The process is very simple. This will be easier for you if you have an ad network. because these processes are always very similar. now offers payments through Payoneer and wire transfer (local banks).

The minimum payment limit is $100.

Why wait any longer?

Learn more about these things and get to work soon!

So if you want to know something extra, comment below.

If you are an existing Media Net user, please comment below with your experience and opinion. It will help others.

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