Best way of Growth your Income with Affiliate Marketing 2021

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Today, the topic of affiliate marketing has become a widespread topic practiced by many people in the world. So, if you have a little idea of what this affiliate marketing is, affiliate marketing is the act of persuading a person to buy a product or service owned by a company or an organization and then receiving a commission from the company after selling it. In short, this is affiliate marketing.

If you are not idea what is affiliate marketing is, to read my old article at this link. :

So, this affiliate marketing is not the same as it used to be, but now it has undergone many changes and even the marketing methods have improved a lot.

Okay, let’s see below what the new methods of growing your income with affiliate marketing

1) Choose the Right Affiliates

2 Choose a method the promote your Affiliate links

1.  Create the Website or Blogsite (Product or Services review sites)

2.  Create are YouTube channel

3.  Use Social media and use the Forums / Use of social media

4.  Email marketing

5.  Advertising

Choose a method that you can easily and fast do with the new methods of affiliate marketing mentioned above and move on.

Now I am explained to you about these 5 methods one by one

1) Choose the Right Affiliates

This is the first and most important action, because the main thing we need to consider here is our desire for what we choose and how much we can do for it.

So how do we choose what we like to do affiliate marketing? For example, I like to create websites a lot so I like to do affiliate marketing with a web host and domain provider. Similarly, consider something that you find most convenient and easy to sell. (It does not matter whether it is a product or a service)

Best Affiliate Marketing Sites

  Amazon Associates Program  Products 
  CJ Affiliate  Services and Goods
  AliExpress affiliate program   Products
  Click bank  Services and products
  Bluehost  Webhosting Services
  Siteground  Webhosting Services
  Udemy  Education Site
  eBay Association    Products
8 Best Affiliate marketing sites

You can choose one or more of the best affiliate programs above and engage in affiliate marketing. But if you are still a beginner, I recommend choosing one.

Best affiliate programs for beginners

1.       Amazon Associates Program

2.       CJ Affiliate

3.       AliExpress affiliate program

4.       Click bank

It is important to note that each of these products or services has a unique link to promote it and you can promote it in any way you see (Website, YouTube, Social Media, Email or you can use any other methods).

2) Let us now consider how to promote selected affiliate programs

This is a very important point and you should be concerned about how we sell this Affiliate Link so you can use some of the methods below.

1.       Create the Website or Blogsite (Product or Services review sites)

2.       Create are YouTube channel

3.       Use Social media and use the Forums / Use of social media

4.       Email marketing

5.       Advertising

Let us now consider one by one,

1.  Create the Website or Blogsite (Product or Services review sites)

If you have a good knowledge of web site design, search engine optimization, and blogging skills, you can do a product review and affiliate marketing using this methodology.

Under the example of 10 Successful Affiliate marketing Earning website site in 2021

01  Nerdwallet06
02 Money Saving Expert07 This is way I’m Broke
03 The Wirecutter08 Making Sense of Cents
04 Dating Advice09 The Point Guy
05 PC Part Picker10 Just A Girl an Her blog
10 Successful Affiliate marketing earning websites

2. Create YouTube Channel

If you have a good knowledge of video creation, you can create videos for product reviews for affiliate marketing and promote the created videos through YouTube and Selling that product or service.

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3.  Use Social media and use the Forums / Use of social media

Do you also have a Facebook account with more friends or a Twitter account? Then it is a goldmine

So you can do this affiliate marketing through your existing Facebook account or through a Facebook page.

When you post the affiliate marketing link you receive on your Facebook account or Facebook page and a person clicks on a product or service that requires it, you will receive the relevant commission.

So not only Facebook but if you have Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram You can use those accounts for this too. You need more visitors

3. Email Marketing

Email Marketing You can do this by sending affiliate marketing link emails to your friends’ emails.

4. Promote Advertising

You can promote your affiliate marketing link with Facebook Advertising or Google Advertising.

You can use the above best methods to Promote your affiliate marketing links and keep them running regardless of which method is easier for you. And i will talk more about this in the future

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