Bluehost Web hosting service review

In brief,

Bluehost review Bluehost offers users a right, easy-to-use control panel with extremely affordable prices and a variety of hosting options.


  • Easy to use and intelligent
  • 24/7 electronic support, chat or telephone support


  • Overtime has been criticized
  • Plans are rapidly rising

Ideal for

From first-time website builders with not won’t technical experience to experienced webmasters looking for advanced skills, offers a wide range of hosting packages, options and extras to suit everyone. WordPress hosting integration makes it easy to build a website with the world’s most popular content management system, and SSH functionality improves encryption and security.

Hosting features

Techie Features

Marketing and Bonus Features

Unlimited space

Marketing offers up to $ 200

Free domain for one year

Additional $ 180 (with Business Pro Plan)

Unlimited bandwidth

Two premium website builders: Concrete 5, Webley

Unlimited Domains

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, RoundCube, Zen Cart, Prestashop

Unlimited FTP Accounts

Web site statistics tools: Awstats and Webalizer

Unlimited MySQL databases

Offer SEO

Intelligent cPanel Control Panel

30-day money-back guarantee

Unlimited email storage

Advanced capabilities (Secure shell (SSH) access, log file access, etc.)

POP3, webmail, alias, mail forwarding, mailing lists, IMAP

Automated Daily Account Backup

Bluehost’s three core plans satisfy beginners, regular bloggers and SMBs, respectively. All have a free domain and unlimited bandwidth for a year. You can quickly transfer your previous domain name to Bluehost.

Management Pricing

Bluehost offers several lucrative hosting plans among significant suppliers, and the fees you see on the front page are discounted for the “first month”. After your first month of use, Bluehost hosting plans cost a few more dollars. Basic ($ 7.99 after the1st term ) This is Bluehost’s core package and is a first time fit for digital waterproofing. A bit more limited than other plans, it’s still an excellent package for bloggers and individuals looking to build a personal website. It comes with 10GB websites, five email accounts and 50MB email storage per email account. Bluehost email processing is a breeze, and if you want to implement additional web-based services with Bluehost, integrating Google Apps can open up a whole new world of potential. Plus ($ 10.99 after the first month) As you prepare for a little improvement, Bluehost’s most popular plan – a good step, special if you’re running a small business or big organization. The method includes $ 200 free marketing offers, unlimited email accounts, unlimited space and storage, unlimited parked and subdomains, and Global CDN and SpamExpert.  Prime ($ 14.99 after the first month) The extra $ 10 will give you access to Business Pro. Featuring an SSL certificate, SightbackUp Pro, a special IP address and domain privacy, this is a ready package for serious business growth for business owners.

Advanced design

VPS hosting ranges from $ 29.99 to $ 199.99 per month, with special care options ranging from $ 109.99 to 9 209.99 depending on your package selection.


There are many technologies under the hood of Bluehost (note: this provider uses a Linux operating system) – and it has plenty of specialized expertise to back it up. Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting provides businesses with their own operating system, control and flexibility, while dedicated hosting provides a lot of power and space. Bluehost’s resource protection protects your site’s performance and minimizes shared server risks. In the meantime, automated backups of various formats will keep your design safe and sound no matter what – all at no extra cost.

Ease of use

You can access a demonstration from their control panel on the Bluehost website, so you can get a better idea with Bluehost Domains and how everything works. Bluehost has an easy-to-navigate system that feels intelligent regardless of your digital expertise, and you can easily change your email and hosting settings.

Web Site Builder Features

From web builders and CMS systems (including WordPress, Wesley, and Concrete 5), SEO tools and e-commerce essentials (including WooCommerce and more), you can access your tools and add-ons A large number can be combined. to give your website the style and functionality you need. Some tools, such as the Bluehost webmaster and a wide range of templates, are free with your hosting package, but many others require a single payment. When you are using the Webmaster, you will find a bunch of freely available Bluehost templates. If you need WordPress, you can install it in one click. Whether you are inexperienced and seasoned to get started or need help migrating your existing website, Bluehost offers you a special $ 99.99 package. Their Migration Package helps you set up your current site seamlessly with the provider, and the Quick Start Package will give you one-on-one training with a Bluehost specialist. Bluehost also features an easy-to-understand “self-help” section, 24/7 helpline, live chat and email and support ticket options.

Free offers

You can find free offers for nonprofits with Bluehost, such as free hosting or any hosting package. Free for one year with a domain name, you can save a big difference.


With Bluehost, by default, the cPanel software is included with all hosting packages. To access the dashboard for your website, go to the Bluehost cPanel login and enter your account credentials.

VPS hosting

With Bluehost VPS, you can enjoy many of the benefits of dedicated clients, but usually without the high cost that comes with such plans. When you decide to run your site on VPS, Bluehost allows you to install almost any software program on the platform that runs your website. Because virtual servers are not perfect, and some hardware is shared with other users, performance may suffer from time to time. That said, many Bluehost VPS reviews are advantageous and value the company’s overtime.

Shared hosting

Most popular options shared hosting plans are the company’s  Because these designs are more affordable than specialized or virtual servers, webmasters can split the cost of both hardware and maintenance. However, since no web site has special access to the server, loading times can sometimes be delayed, and security can be a major concern.

Dedicated hosts

If you are running a high traffic website, a shared server may not give you enough power. When you select a dedicated server, Bluehost gives you complete control over every aspect of the hardware and how it works. Dedicated clients are more responsive than their peers. This is because all the resources in the system are dedicated to maintaining just one website.

Cloud hosting

This hosting is more affordable than the dedicated options in, but you have less control over the special hardware and software that powers their website, meaning this may not be the best option for everyone.


Bluehost Webmail is accessible from any devices. If you prefer to use an email server such as Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird, Bluehost IMAP settings make it easy to sync your messages. Similarly, if you have other inboxes that you check regularly, you can set up Bluehost Email Referral to forward all your incoming messages to your preferred email service.


With good customer support, simple cPanel and a wide range of options, Bluehost is a great choice for many users. Inactive and page loading speeds are not always possible, but with flexible options and good feedback, this rare error is easy to ignore unless you want your site to be super fast. If you are looking for a good almighty host, Bluehost is a good option and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if have it happy.

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