How to Choosing a Best WordPress Theme for Your Website

A theme is something that basically contributes to bringing the website we create to people. Themes happen to beautify the website we create and enhance the user experience.

The Basics of having a Best WordPress Theme.

1 Easy to use.

That is, easy to install and minimum capacity

2 Speed

This is essential for our WordPress website, which determines the loading speed of the website. and the theme also speeds up the site’s Google rankings and search engine optimization.

3 Use of minimal coding

We all do not have much knowledge about the use of codes.That’s true, but due to this WordPress web site content management system the use of codes was reduced by about 70%. So any person can create WordPress websites based on the basics of web design.

4 SEO friendly

This is a very important point and the WordPress themes we use should be SEO friendly.

  • Loading speed
  • Easy customization
  • No errors
  • Minimum capacity
  • Improving user experience.

5 Being updated frequently

Must be updated at least once a month.

6 High security

Must be a high security theme.

7 The plugin to be used should be minimal

The plugins to be used for the theme should be minimal and will also affect the speed of our website.

Let us now consider how to choose a Best WordPress Theme.

1 Make sure it fits our topic.

That is, we must choose a theme that fits the content of the blog or website we are creating

2 Refer to the recommendations and feedback of those who have used the theme

3 The capacity of the files in it should not be too large.

4 Minimum cost to purchase

5 Easy to adapt and customize search engine optimization

6 Minimal coding and coding should be able to be used when needed.

7 Easy and beautiful customization

Let us now consider how to Best WordPress Theme

1 There are a large number of free themes provided by WordPress itself and you can use those free themes

2 Paid WordPress Themes

These have to be paid for and there are many benefits to this

  • No bugs
  • SEO friendly
  • Easy Customization
  • User Friendly  

So, as we talked now, it is very easy to use these WordPress themes that we buy. Because these are constantly updated and even easier to search engine optimization, there is a ready-made template for a lot of paid themes, which will also be convenient for someone.

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