How to Create a Youtube Channel and Make Money in 2020

Youtube is a Google-owned Video network Platform and every day, people watch hundreds of millions of hours and generated billions of views

Ok lest then start, step by step

1st we want Gmail account and sign in youtube Create are you tube channel

Click the Create a Channel click the get started- youtube channel

And Click “GET STARTED” button

Select the user name for youtube channel

Choose how to create youtube name

Create your channel name Create your channel name

Uploading your Profile Picture upload profile picture for your you tube channel

Customize your channel

Customize Channel

Then Click the About tab fill the basic information you self or Business and add the channel cover art I all ways Recomennded Canva is user-friendly and easy

Ok, My youtube channel is already Done.

And the next step is how to Upload my Videos. for youtube channel see this image and click the Upload video button

How to uploard the video for you tube channel

Next Step is Select the Video File in your PC or Mobile Devices

Select the Uploaded Video file

As your video uploads, you can start Upload video data/including the best title/good description/and related tags. Your Video title should describe what’s in the video while being eye-catching and intriguing. Write with SEO(Search engine Optimization) -friendly keywords.
On this page, you can also add tags to help boost your video’s SEO ranking. For more on maximizing your YouTube SEO, in YouTube search engine results in 2020. Here are a few quick tips as you’re thinking about YouTube SEOWhen you upload the video click “Publish” to publish your videos, or “Save Changes” to save any updates, you might be ready to make a YouTube playlist, which is just as simple as uploading a video. video by checking the boxes to the left of the videos.

you can start inserting into your video data including title, description and tags. Your title should be interesting and intriguing, and your description should be filled with SEO-friendly words. Like your channel description, YouTube will refer you to this footnote to provide relevant content for users to search for – you want to be in those results.

From this page, you can add tags to increase your video’s SEO rating. For more information on maximizing your YouTube SEO, see our blog on 13 Ways to Get Top of YouTube Search Engine Results in 2020. Here are some quick tips when you think of YouTube SEO:

  • Title Make sure your title is a punch; It’s the first impression your audience gets about what’s in your video, and you want them to click without scrolling past you.
  • Use several focal words instead of multiple words once or twice.
  • Description Enter your URL in the video description so visitors can check your website if they want to know more.
  • Great Create great content. Other views mean better search results, and you will never get millions of views without solid, deceptive content.

Ok, at the bottom of the page, select the thumbnail you want to appear in the search results; Choose the most interesting and best, accurate and eye-catching image in your video. This is a single image that represents your video and should be chosen with caution. (create you youtube thumbnail image use the Canva)

When you’re all done, click “Publish” to publish your video, or click “Save Changes” to save your updates after you’ve posted the video.

After you upload a few videos, you may be ready to create a YouTube playlist, which is as simple as uploading a video. Simply navigate to your video dashboard and select the videos you want to include in your playlists by ticking the boxes to the left of the videos.

Bonus: Advertise

YouTube launched an advertising platform in August 2007 and since then brands have been using it to achieve their video marketing goals. As traditional TV viewing is constantly on the decline, you can better spend your marketing dollars to promote that wonderful content you already host on YouTube.

With YouTube advertising, you pay only when people watch your ad, which can give you a big boost in your marketing fees. While you can set daily spending limits and target specific statistics, this platform does not have the brain for modern, budget-conscious brands. For a deeper look at YouTube ads in 2020, check out our blog on that specific topic.


Now that you know how to create a YouTube channel, you’re probably thinking about all the amazing content you need to create for your new channel. Watch 21 YouTube Video Ideas for Businesses, as you do. It is full of tips, tricks, and inspiration to guide you as you start brainstorming new video ideas and building a powerful and creative YouTube channel.

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