How do I start a eBay and Aliexpress drop shipping business

What is the Drop shipping business

Drop shipping is a next level order fulfillment method business module and with out maintaining warehouse stores their production,inventory,ownership and no manufacturing Stores seller the product and passes on the sales order to a third-party supplier,who the ships the order to the customer

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Drop shipping Pros and Cons

Pros (Benefit of Drop shipping)
  1. Easy to get start
  2. Lots of variety products you want sell
  3. The business can be run anywhere
  4. The risk significant lower
  5. No overhead cost
  6. More time scale your business
  1. Lower Profit margin
  2. Inventory Issues
  3. Supplier Errors
  4. Competition high

Get started the ebay drop-shipping business

how to create ebay seller account step by step

First start ebay account for selling

1 Go to

your can sign in or your account,or register new one

2. Fill the form

type your Name,Email address,Password,and click the Create account button Specially can you longing your gmail account or Facebook account

fill the all details and go to your ebay account

ebay longing

3. Create a seller account

Create a ebay seller account

Click the “sell” and fill this under the all details


and click the continue button and go to next page ‘create your listing”

Click the eBay logo go to your eBay account and right site my eBay button

4 Link your PayPal account

how to join PayPal account your eBay click the ‘My eBay”

you can choose the best payment method you would like to

  • Link your Debit or Credit card
  • Second and best option is link your PayPal Account

I always recommended PayPal what are the eBay money back guarantee and reimbursement using

select the payment optionselect the payment option

payments > Click the “PayPal account”

link your payPal account

Link your PayPal account and if you have are not PayPal account got to or Sing up Button crate PayPal account and auto link it your eBay account

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