How to Get Google AdSense Approval Best Way of Ultimate Guide (2022)

I First applied to Google AdSense 5 years ago. And since then, I’ve helped many people get Google Adsense approved for displaying Google Ads network to make money. In this ultimate guide on mywirecrowd, you’ll learn how to get Google AdSense approval fast.

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Google AdSense is the most popular and best ads network for bloggers and website owners. . If you’re looking to make money your website or blog, AdSense is probably the easiest way.

But then why do so many people fail to get approved for Google AdSense? Let’s find it out first and then jump on getting your web site/blog approved for Google AdSense. Sounds great?

Is it hard to get approval to Google AdSense?

I accept as true with it is now not hard to get a Google Adsense approval in case you follow Google’s policies and the fundamentals of how a website business works.

but it’s shocking to look that many people get declined from Google AdSense. i’ve received heaps of complaints approximately it thru e-mail, YouTube videos,

The primary cause is they ignore Google’s requirements and the great of their web sites. it would help if you also had a few patience before applying for the AdSense program.

Now that you recognize AdSense isn’t difficult to get approved for, allow’s circulate on to how it works.

AdSense Approval method explained (2022)

i’ve divided the entire process for buying accepted for Google AdSense into seven steps. i’ll detail it in the next section. but for now, let me share the process with you to recognize what to expect.

Google AdSense approval process looks like this:

1. Google checks in case your site is eligible for its program.

2. Google bot crawls your website.

3. Reviews your application.

4. Approves or disapproves your Google AdSense application within 1-7 days.

5. Add a short code above the fold of your web site’s pages.

6. Wait for Google to approve your website for a week or two.

If everything goes right, you are prepared! you may begin seeing live advertisements on your site so you can make money

ensure which you select your personal country. And choose to create a business account if you have a registered business entity on your country. once your AdSense account is created, you can’t change your us of a or account type.

Now that you realize the entire method of getting verified for Google AdSense, allow’s pass directly to the subsequent section, wherein i’ll share a step-via-step guide on getting your web site approved for Google Adsense.

How to Get Google AdSense Approval fast and easy step by step

i am quite confident that you will get Google AdSense approved in case you follow this step-through-step guide. but if you don’t adhere to Google’s rules, your application gets declined.

1. Do this before You apply for Google AdSense

before you apply for Google Adsense, you need to make sure that your site is ready and eligible for its program.

These are the things you should take care of before applying for Google AdSense:

Create common pages and posts with precise and relevant content.

correctly add texts, pictures, and more.

permit visitors to depart feedback to your articles.

add important pages like privacy policy, terms of use, and about pages.

focus on alignment, readability, and functionality.

boost your web site’s speed.

net users are impatient, and that they may not live for your website if it loads slowly. speeding up your website will also enhance the seo of your web page.

these aren’t the requirements, of course, but this stuff will assist Google decide if your web site is of correct excellent or now not. Google desires to ensure that its customers end up on practical and functional sites with a readable content material.

if you have a WordPress web site, then there are lots of excellent plugins that you could use to hurry up your website and enhance the consumer enjoy. Google wants both rapid-loading pages and a excellent UX.

2. Meet the Eligibility best requirements for apply Google AdSense

As I cited earlier, Google has a few eligibility requirements which you must meet before applying for his or her program.

those are Google Adsense’s eligibility requirements:

Have an 18 years  old over.

Meet all of the terms and situations of the usage of Google AdSense.

Get an active Gmail account that is not already linked to an AdSense account.

make sure your web site is on line and does not have pornographic, misleading, or violent content. And it does not depend upon automated bot-generated visitors.

ought to have access to the HTML supply code of your web page. (You do not need to insert any code if you use Blogger).

permit me damage a few myths about Google AdSense now.

First, you don’t want to have 30 posts on your site. 2nd, your web site doesn’t always need to be six months old.

i’ll talk about it later inside the tips section of this post. check out the AdSense web site approvals video series on YouTube for greater information. the following step is to sign up for Google Adsense.

3. Apply for Google AdSense program

Now which you realize everything about Google Adsense and its work, you are prepared to apply for their program. Are you? follow those steps to enroll in Google AdSense:

visit Adsense’s homepage and click at the “Get started” button.

Log into your Gmail account now. And make sure your email address isn’t already associated with an AdSense account.

enter your website’s URL, e mail address (that can be different), and all the required information.

pick to go for the tailored assistance and performance suggestions based for your account data.

select your usa, and ensure you stay in that country or territory.

review and receive the AdSense terms and conditions.

start using the AdSense account now.

done with the approval? not yet; you’ve got just applied for the AdSense program. Google will now review your web page and decide whether it is eligible for its program or not. Google bots is Google web or blogs crawler that scours the internet to index (Site index) websites and pages. it will visit your website to check if it meets its program policies.

4. Partially activate Your AdSense Account

while Google reviews your website, you can still in part activate your AdSense account. this will give you access to some features and activites in your  Google AdSense account. You might not be able to use all of the features, although, as Google continues to be reviewing your application.

To in part prompt your account, comply with those steps:

Log into your Gmail account and go to the Google Adsense homepage.

click on at the “register / Sign in to AdSense”.

enter your e mail deal with and password to log into your account.

click on at the “activate Account” tab now, positioned within the header menu.

entire all the steps on that web page and click on on the “preserve to my account” button.

you’ll be redirected for your AdSense account’s dashboard now. you can get entry to a few functions of your account, however no longer all.

in case your web site passes Googlebot’s crawling, you’ll get an e mail from Google saying that your website has been reviewed and authorized for Google AdSense.

5. Start displaying advertisements with the aid of Google and get paid

The final step is to wait for Google to check your site and fee information. after they have accomplished that, you will be able to completely access your account and start the use of all the features.

you can check the repute of your bills and evaluate them inside the “payments” tab, positioned inside the header menu. make certain to offer the overall postal address of your bank account and phone range.

you may also switch on auto ads so that your web page starts displaying ads as soon as it’s ready. And do not forget to paste the code between  and  tags of your site.

you’re ready now. Google will start displaying ads in your website online, and you may begin getting cash. the quantity you earn depends on many factors like visitors, advert clicks, etc.

6. Hold Complying With Google AdSense rules

Google can approve your website today and droop it day after today in case you violate their regulations. it really is why it’s crucial to hold up with their policies and make certain your website is always compliant.

Google updates its AdSense program policies pretty often, so ensure you watch those changes. you could find all the latest AdSense program policies in their help center.

7. Best tricks & tips to Get the Google AdSense Approval fast in 2022

Google AdSense is one of the most famous and effective ways to monetize your website or weblog. however, getting approved for Google Adsense may be a project, especially for beginners. And these hacks and recommendations will assist you, without a doubt.

1. Design Your website properly with clean website structure.

ensure your site is properly designed and easy to navigate.

poor navigation can lead to a high soar fee, which Google does not like.

And here’s the way to structure your site properly:

properly plan your categories.

Have clean navigation.

do not compete with your content (don’t duplicate it).

remove or update the antique content material.

improve internal and external linking.

make sure your website is  Mobile responsive.

look, Google wants to serve its users the best way. And if you also share the assignment, you’ll hit your dreams fast.

2. Create privacy policy, terms and Condition, Disclaimer, about, and contact pages.

these pages are important because Google will check them whilst considering your web site. once more, it’s no longer a requirement! however it’s correct to have them because those pages show that you care for the users and the content.

Use this privacy policy Generator tool to create the privacy policy page.

And use this terms Generator tool to create the terms of Use policy page.

Write something about your website’s dreams on the ‘about’ page.

offer your users to contact you for any queries at the ‘contact’ page.

3. start Publishing high-quality content material (At-least 15-30 Posts)

Google Adsense program policies require that websites include excellent content. Google will check your web site’s content material to meet its great standards before approving your site.

but what if your web site slightly has content material?

Google will most likely no longer approve your website if it doesn’t have sufficient content material. So make sure you have got at the least 15-30 articles or posts in your website earlier than applying for Google Adsense. once more, it is now not a tough and fast rule!

you can create as many posts as you need! The more content you have, the better. Google loves clean and original content. So hold publishing new articles or posts on your site to improve your chances of gettting common for Google Adsense.

And publish content material all through the Google AdSense verification process as nicely.

Use these articles i have written to help you start creating content:

how to Write a blog put up fast in 2022

Do content studies for growing Articles

how to Generate content thoughts for one year ahead

10 validated methods to never Run Out of content ideas

And once I say content material, I mean the original and properly-written content that adds value for your site’s visitors. for example, i’ve attempted my great to help you get your site accepted for Google AdSense with practical steps and tips.

4. Verify Your website ownership on Google seek Console and Google Analytics.

again, Google would not require you to verify your web page ownership on Google seek Console or Google Analytics. however it is a great idea to do so because:

search Console helps you apprehend how Google sees your site.

And Analytics helps you track your website visitors and user behavior.

also, you may request Google to index your website’s pages using the search Console. Google is more likely to index your pages when you have verified your web site possession on search Console. but, it’s only a tip and not a requirement.

5.Don’t Use Copyrighted pictures

it is a no brainer, of path. Google AdSense does not allow copyrighted pix on your web site. So make sure all of the pictures you’re the use of in your web page are both original or fall under creative Commons.

you may find lots of free stock pictures on-line that you could use in your web site. for example, here is a list of web sites where you can find free stock pictures for your blog posts:




iStock image


The great aspect about Canva is that you could design original pictures with elements, texts, and more. And you may also use images from the library.

6. Wait for Your website to old a little Bit

i am now not speaking about putting your web site on a retirement plan. but Google Adsense works great with old websites. Why? because an old website proves that it’s there to last or has a history to show the fine.

but how old need to your website be?

well, it ought to be as a minimum six months old. observe for the program after getting some organic views. however once more, it’s not a requirement by means of the Google AdSense program.

and that i believe it is an opportunity in order to grow your web site with consistent content publishing.

The reason is that Google wants to see consistent traffic for your site. So, it makes feel to wait for a bit at the same time as earlier than you apply for Google ad.

7. Remove other advertisements from your site If applicable.

I know that Google is perfectly great with using other ad networks and AdSense. however if they see many ads here and there on your web site, they’ll assume it to be spammy or no longer in compliance with functionality policy.

So, if you’re using other ad networks such as or Ezoic, I suggest you pause those ads earlier than applying for Google Adsense.

After Google AdSense approves your web site, you can turn those ads returned on. still, ensure to offer your visitors extra content material than commercials. do not flood them with various advertisements on your site that look spammy.

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