How to Make Money On Pinterest With Best 5 Step

Drive more traffic to your e-commerce website

Drive more Traffic your website

For brands with an e-commerce offer, Pinterest is a natural opportunity for transportation and marketing. Use the pins to display your products and direct your followers back to your site for shopping like a digital path of breadcrumbs.

For extra access, throw a few dollars of ads behind your pins. Promoted pins can be optimized to achieve a variety of goals, such as increasing traffic or growing your Pinterest followers.

Step 1. Create a pin idea that links to your e-commerce website

Upload attractive product photos or craft photos using graphic design templates created by interior designers at Hot pins.

Ideally, link these images directly to the specific product page on your website so that followers can proceed directly to purchase the gamble. The fewer clicks one has to make to follow a sale, the better.

Step 2. Practice good SEO habits/methods

Help Pinterest users find your Account/Pinterest or pins with SEO keywords that describe or define the product or style.

Use these not only in your PIN description but also in your profile and preferably in your URL.

These will help make your Pinterest pins appear in Google search results, so stay detailed.

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Become an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to make money when people buy from a link you provide. No need to store inventory or run your own e-commerce store – share a found link and get a percentage if someone clicks and goes shopping.

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Step 1. Register to become an affiliate

Register to become an Affiliate

In order to successfully market a product, you need to get it right in front of the right audience. Instead of signing up for any affiliate program you can find, choose brands or products that appeal specifically to your followers.

Do some research to find out what you like in the field as big brands and start-up companies offer affiliate opportunities.

Step 2. Follow the clicks with a shorter URL shortening

You will receive a special tracking code to add to the links to track all sales coming through but to collect your own data, try using short-term SMS.

These are (often free!) Tools that track rates through clicks. Use one to post SweetPants on your “Lazy Sunday” board, and use another shortened URL for your “Work from home wardrobe” board and compare more action-packed.

Step 3. Promote products on your Pinboard and use affiliate links

Share those products via Pinterest pins (be sure to pick them up), and get those affiliate links worldwide!

The good news is that if someone else resets your Pinterest Pins, your affiliate link will also be shared.

Step 4. Pay close attention to the rules and regulations of Pinterest

As always, Pinterest decides that affiliate links are unwanted and suppresses affiliate marketing. Keep your changes and attitudes up to date on Pinterest so you don’t have to worry.

Pinterest user Krystin_Lee linked this lifestyle photo to her favorite page and followers can click the affiliate URL to purchase the products in the picture. If someone else buys this coffee table book, Christine will make a little money, which means she will spend more on props for her photoshoots.

Help people go shopping for your looks
Shopping is a priority for 48% of Pinterest users – so do not miss the opportunity to trade in front of your digital store.

Show off a stylish dress or soft space to create inspiration. Then, tag specific products in that photo so your followers can shop around looking at themselves.

This example in Pinterest has a beautiful living room (Side Question: Can I go in?) The individual products in the photo are marked.

Make your Pinterest Business Account Step by step

Make your Pinterest Business Account Step by step

Step 1: Sign up for a business account

A Pinterest Business Account gives you access to advertising and marketing options for your Pins. If you want to build your organic growth by spending some money to gain access to new audiences, you need to sign up for it.

Logging :

Create Pinterest Business Account

Step 2. Create a Pinterest Business Account.

Directory and shopping ads can only be used for business accounts. You can update your existing personal account or sign up for a new business.

Step 3: Create your own media set

If you would like to collaborate with paying partners or place ads or sponsorships on your Pinterest boards, it is worth setting up a media set.

A media set is a document that includes statistics about your followers and provides a brief overview of your brand and its value. It may also include prices for specific advertising opportunities.

Step 4: Research your keywords

Keywords help people find your pins through search and Pinterest’s Recommended Algorithm.

The keywords are like a matching match, bringing content and users together for a romantic relationship.

Needless to say, it is very important to include the correct keywords in any suitable text field. This may include your Pins description, text cover, board title, board description, or your profile description.

To understand the best keywords, start with something broad. Type your target keyword in the Pinterest search bar, and below that you will see colored tiles suggesting the relevant keywords.

For example, a search for “birds” may find that other specific words include “beautiful” and “angry.” Why do people look for beautiful birds that are angry? We are not here to judge.

Use the Google Keyword planner

Step 5: Upload your product catalog

For most e-commerce websites, product wardrobes can be automatically created for your entire product catalog.

This special Pinterest pins model includes real-time price information as well as a product description and availability. Users can click to complete the transaction on your own website.

For any mismatched e-commerce product, you can make rich pins. These also display product information but you have to make them all individually and they can not be used for advertising.

Upload your Pin

Step 6: Create interesting little images

This is a visual medium. If you want to attract the attention of users, you need to get graphics.

Photos should be of high quality and oriented vertically. (Pinterest 2: 3 aspect ratio recommended.)

Graphic design tools like Over are a great way to cover text or add a unique graphic enhancement that will make your image stand out.

One recent example of a well-executed look: Birchbox, a subscription box company, has published dozens of text-only, including short, millennial-friendly color-coded beauty tips.

Step 7: Create a collection to pop up your products

With the Pinterest collection template, you can now upload a lifestyle image and note your products in it so users can buy your look right there.

Step 8: Schedule your pins

Adding new wardrobes over time – rather than uploading a whole bunch at once – will help you reach a wider range of people. A scheduling tool like Hootsuite helps you prepare your wardrobe for relaxing positioning at real speed.

Step 9: comply your statistics

You can not expect Waltz to go down the road and give Lulu Lemon some money (trust me). You need a few hard numbers to get interested in a brand.

Pinterest Analytics overview

Gather data about your followers – demographics, affiliations, shares, ideas.

When you reach out to a prospective partner, you will be ready to tell your audience why they fit so well.

Step 10: Partner with a brand

You do not need a product (or even an affiliate link for a product) to make money on Pinterest. You can sell access to your audience.

Maybe it’s moms who are focused on fitness, maybe it’s teen vegans. Once you have high-quality followers, you’ll get something valuable that other brands may want.

Step 11: Access the appropriate brands

Different brands have different ways of helping Pinterest influencers, such as maintaining a shared board, sponsoring specific wardrobes, or coordinating an “acquisition.”

Reach out to brands that may be interested in your audience with your collaborative ideas. (If you do not know where to start, use our brand template.)

It might be a good idea to include contact information for your joint venture on your Pinterest profile, to remind the world that you are open to business.

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