How to Speed up Your WordPress Website in 2021

Today we will see how to make our WordPress website faster than it already is. The speed of a website is very important for the users/Visitors who read our web pages and best SEO page ranking. and do users/Visitors come back again on the speed-up of the web site? Is determined.

So, let’s see how to speed up your WordPress website.
Speed up your WordPress website

Let’s first consider the reasons why your website is not fast. There are several reasons for this, the following are the 7 reasons for get the idea.

1. Weaknesses in the hosting service.

2. Used WordPress Theme Troubles.

3. Use the CDN (Content Delivery Network)

4. The used images or files are high capacity.

5. Weaknesses of Internet Connections

6. High web site traffic

7. Too many plugins and Use of unnecessary plugging

8. Test your Website Speed

For the above 8 reasons your website badly slows down. So, let’s see what the remedies are for these 8 issues.

1. Weaknesses in the hosting service.

To avoid this, you need to get a good existing web hosting service. For I recommend or

2. Used WordPress Theme Troubles.

Use an SEO friendly theme whenever possible. You can choose a theme that is CSS files minimal and easy to handle. I recommend Colormag / JNews / OcenWP

3. CDN (Content Delivery Network) Not in use

The function of CDN is to serve your site users according to their location. When you use a CDN with your web server, it connects the user to your web site faster. I am using Cloudflare

4. The used images or files are high capacity.

The higher the capacity of the images and articles you use for the web page, the slower the web page will be.

5. Weaknesses of Internet Connections

If your internet connection is poor, then that will slow down your website speed.

6.High web site traffic

As the number of visitors to your webpage increases, the speed of webpages slows down significantly, and the best solution is to get more capacity than the hosting service offers.

7. Too many plugins and Use of unnecessary plugging

Update everyday WordPress plugin. and you can remove all the WordPress plugins you don’t need. I often use only the plugins below.

Plugging NameWhat to Use
Yoast SEOSearch engine optimization tool of on page and off page SEO   
w3 total cacheRemoved the Cache and reduce your load time and Speed up site
elementorPage Builder plugin
a3 lazy loadSpeed up site
WPSmushReduce your file and Image size 
Best WordPress plugging

You can use a small amount of plugging,

8. How to test your website Speed.

and always test the speed of the web page. You can use these web pages for test your Web site Speed.

Let’s see, how to test your web site speed

1st step

Type to Google Search bar the gtMatrix .com

GTmetrix home page

2nd Step

GTmetrix type the your website url

Type the test bar your Web site URL

3rd step

Test your site with GTmetrix

Click the test your site

GTmetrix result page

Get the result, and You can determine the speed of your web site based on the data that comes after testing. Also, maintain speed above 75% whenever possible. Below I will show you the easiest thing we can do for that.

Ok then, let me tell you a little bit about how to speed up your WordPress website. Install these two plugins in first.

1. W3 Total Cache 
2. a3 lazy load

Now let’s see how to install W3 Total Cache  plugin in our website.

Go to your WordPress admin panel (Dashboard)

how to install W3 total cache plugging

Go to plugins > Add New > type the Search bar W3 Total Cache > Active plugins

Active W3 total cache

Active W3 Total cache plugins > Go to WordPress Dash board > Go to Performance > Click the General Setting

Change the W3 total cache general setting

And Let me tell you a little bit about it is Auto filed the all enable tick and don’t change anyone.

Then click the Save All Settings button and check the speed again through the website and it will show you good speed in your site.

Also, try the second plugin a3 lazy loading the same that way. there are many more plugins but that can’t increase the speed. but I recommend these two plugins for speed your web site, ok then we will see you again in a similar article. And you have any quotation or clarification please drop the comment in comment section. good bye.

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