How to Stop Spam Emails from My WordPress Website in 2021

Today we look at a new topic

How are you guys?

Today we look at a new topic

What I am going to say today will be very important to you. What? If you’ve seen that your site has received unwanted / spam mail or comments and unwanted comments, this Unwanted Mail Comments box can have a huge impact on our site.

WordPress Spam Comments

So let’s talk today. How to Stop unwanted / spam mail or comments. We are using a new plugin for this This is the name of the advanced noCaptcha and invisible captcha

What this is reCAPTCHA

distinguish between human and automated access to websites. The original version made it difficult for users to read or match text.

reCAPTCHA is a free service provided by Google services that help protect our websites from spam/unwanted comment and abuse. “Captcha” is a rigorous test to tell people and bots separately. It’s easy for people to fix, but it’s hard to spot “Bots” and other malware. By adding reCAPTCHA to a website, you can block automated software while helping welcome users access easily.

Example of reCAPTCHA
Example of reCAPTCHA

Using this will also give our website more security.

So let’s see how it is works. I will teach you step by step how to do it

1) Then install and active that plugin
  • Add the Plugins
Installed WordPress Plugins
Installed Plugin
  • Search the plugging
Search the nocaptcha plugin
  • Click the Install now and next Active this plugin
2 ) Then go to the settings related to the plugin and set the settings correctly like this
  • Go to reCaptcha Setting
reCaptcha setting
  • Change the reChaptcha setting
  • Next Step is get the Site Key and Secret key
  • Click the Blue color google and next time open under the step log your Gmail account

  1. Fill the all details
  2. 1st Step type the / Labal “test”
  3. 2nd Step is Add the reCAPTCHA V2
  4. 3rd is Add your Website Domian
  5. 4th Step is Accept Term and service
  • Submitted fill form and next get the site key and Security Key
Site key and Security key
  • Copy and paste the Site key and Secret key according to the steps shown
copy and past site keys and enabled form
  • finally Click the Save and Change button

Now the work is almost done. and then activate the form below where you have to tick the right mark for all the items. And last step is click the save

If so, that process is over and you will need to complete this recapcha form when filling out all your comments and call details or other forms from now on, so your site will not receive additional security as well as additional or irrelevant/Spam comments.

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