How To Write Good SEO Optimized Content.

We do a lot of things called SEO. These are big enough to be divided into on page / off page.

Even if we write an article or ask someone else to write it, we often ask if we can SEO this content or write a SEO article.

Even though SEO is like a mantra, many people do not really understand what exactly is going on with it.

image optimizing, internal linking, tags, backlinks Lots of things like this, but the reason for not having a lot of article ranks is the lack of understanding of what to do and how to SEO.

However, if our content is not SEO properly, we will lose.

Because even if you write an article at the professor level, it doesn’t make sense if Google can’t find it.

Then google what you can find and call article writing as SEO optimized content writing.

Let’s see how to do this job very simply.

One thing to keep in mind when starting this is that Google is an AI. But he can’t understand something like humans. Not even a two-year-old kid.

Google still uses basic things like H2, H3, tags, etc. to find relevant content.

Along with this user data like user ex, ctr is also used.

If so, we have to optimize it so that Google can find it while writing user-friendly content.

First, we choose a good keyword. Here the Key word we target depends on things like our website age, competition, search volume.

I am not going to write that I got a good Key word all at once. Next, we will find a good topic related to that Key word.

What is the difference between the two?

For example, ‘sell on eBay’ is a keyword

  • how to sell on eBay for beginners is a topic we can get under it.
  • how to sell on eBay as a drop shipper is another related topic.

In this way, we need to select the topic relevant to our site.

If you’ve blogging about dropshipping, the second topic is more relevant.

I hope you understand this part

Another important aspect of topic research is the user intent. Simply put, what is the purpose of user search?

For someone who is looking for how to make eBay dropship, it does not make much sense about the service that finds your dropship item. Because the user is looking for a way, not things to sell.

If you understand the search intent in this way, you can write a clearer on-point article.

Let’s say we choose a Keyword like this and create a good topic. What’s next.

Next, we will find a keyword set similar to the related Key word, LSI Keyword that can be taken under our topic.

Because it is not possible to spam the main Keyword like it was 10 years ago.

In that sense, google ai has come a little further.

Although we can’t write the best sneakers Keyword a hundred times, we can use many variations like sport sneakers, lightweight sneakers, best black-led sneakers, these cheap sneakers.

Then Google knows that this article is about sneakers.

As mentioned above, using words is not Key word spamming.

When writing an article like this, we can even use a tool like SEO surfer to find good titles, make an article layout and find well SEO optimized content.

But do not optimize your article to get a 100% score as these tools suggest. Because over-optimizing is something that causes you to become deranged.

Imagine if the score of an authority site with 1st result is 80% and the article of your new site is 100% optimized, it will not be a problem.

On the other hand, do not go for 100% optimization by doing the plugin like YOAST, rank math that we use for on-page SEO.

Naturally, keep a score of about 80%.

If the good article you wrote is stuck on the 2nd page, give this plugin a little tweak.

Personally, I use this plugin only for things like site maps, add Pinterest

There was a good case study about this in income school yt too.

Coming back to the topic, we have now found the things that cover the topic and found a lot of keyword variations. During this work, we need to do a competitor analysis.

Take a good look at things like competitor domain authority, word count, content types here. Look at the content of the ranked page and make a note. See what we can do that has not been done

Let’s take a complete example of how we do this.

keyword: Best running shoes

Topic: best running shoes for kids

Keyword terms to use:

Best kids running shoes, kids running shoes, kids running sneakers,, boys running shoes, best trainers for kids, best sneakers for kids, cool sneakers for boys,

(best running shoes Key word without spamming we can use this Key word set instead)

If we do a google search for any of these Key word we will see kids sneakers.

If we can add almost all these words, google knows that our article is about sneakers. Instead, use only the Key word called best kids sneakers as per the tools and run us two or three times

google does not read our entire article here. Google knows that the keyword set above belongs to the best kids sneakers Key word.

The rank brain does this by taking the same Key word set and looking at the headings, 1st para, alt tags, image tags in the article. Then rank the article that covers the topic well with each variation as if it is above without spamming the same word

Definitely google here and look at the user experience. If we write content to match the two, ranking out ranking is a very easy thing.

Ask if there is anything you do not understand about this. SEO optimized content Even if you wrote it yourself and wrote it for someone else, I think this will help you find out if it is actually SEO optimized.

 If there is anything you do not understand, DM the page or personal acc.

Let’s talk next about a slightly different topic

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