How to write original and Organic content

There are many people who create websites and write articles for various purposes like Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing. So writing a successful original content is very important for all of them. So this is going to be an good idea about that.

What is this original content?

I think we can interpret original content in different ways, in a unique way. But many people who create websites for different purposes can clearly call this a problem because the words ‘original content’ or ‘unique content’ are often heard. For those who are a little tired of the stereo-typed Adsense, this might be a bit of a hassle.

Writing the content yourself for an original content?

Is it better to write? Writing the content yourself for an original Article? Is it better to write? It depends on different factors than whether you write it yourself or write it for someone else. No matter who writes it, it may not be difficult to make it unique content. But it is not easy to make it original article. Maybe these two words are one in your opinion. But I think there is a clear difference between the two. These two can be identified as Adsense. “Your site needs to have unique and original content, and it should attract genuine user interest”

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This is what most of us make a mistake most of the time. Many people try to make their article 100% Plagiarism. Plagiarism 100% is considered by many to be the main factor in measuring the quality of an article. That may sound important, but what plagiarism tool are we going to trust? Who can say it is 100% correct. Lots of questions, right?

One thing you have to believe is that even if Plagiarism is 100% done and the SEO plugin is made green, it will not be original content, which means it will not get adsense approval or google rank only. I have nothing to say, you have had this experience.

Writing plagiarism 100% and writing unique content is not that difficult if you can handle the language well. But writing original content is not so easy. I will explain.

Just think you need to write an article about Apple iPhone 7 phone.. Many articles have been written about this world. Now how do we write an original article about something like this. Yes, it is not an easy task.

Writing about the same thing. If we just let three people write the topic of Apple iPhone 7  plus, no matter how many rounds in the article, the last thing that can be written is the same thing, like this is a good phone like this, there is a camera like this , there are features like this, for a price like this Can be purchased from places like, everyone can write a little bit of things like. Some people can write that there are such shortcomings in this phone. It’s not difficult to make this a unique article, even if you change it upside down, change the middle value and write it with a little thought. But everyone writes the same things, because even now they write things on the internet. Do you write with as much dedication as you do separate research on the iPhone? Not..

Will something like this become original article as soon as it is rolled up and written? That is the problem. The five people who have just spoken write almost the same content, simply put, the summary of all five articles is at least 95% similar. This is a direct disadvantage for us. Maybe you wrote this article, maybe it was written by someone else, no difference. In this case, the main factor that determines whether this article is original content or not is the amount of experience you have with this topic. That is a very crucial factor here. Just think you have a good experience with Apple iPhone 7  plus. Then you write this article Based on experience and expertise. Take this as an example.

“I’m here, on a day like this, I went swimming with a group of my friends on the beach. At that time this phone was very important as there was no running water, we did not have to carry a separate camera because the photo quality of this was in the best condition, even if it was taken in the evening, it was still there, from a friend’s samsung phone and my Apple iPhone 7. Below is the photo taken with it so you can clearly understand the difference. The Apple iPhone 7  is in a very good condition when talking about the camera ”Yes, just an example. Write this better than this.

Now you have an idea, when we share an experience it becomes original & unique content. This is just a small example, you can do this through methods like this. We do a lot of keyword research and find out that most of the time you or your article writer do not know what is needed for keywords. It was a best keyword so you may have chosen it. Then, as always, you have to find the content of the article by looking at several websites or videos that are ranked for that keyword. After doing so, we often have to write an article with the same article written differently. The content is similar but the whole idea may have been written in your own way. But I do not think it’s as successful as writing an experience or any other idea. Because then something like a rewrite happens.

The important thing you need to understand is that finding keywords on a topic with your own experience is always an easy way for you to succeed. Writing unique and original content like Adsense makes it easy to approve your adsense account. It also makes it easier to rank in the search engine. So website makers should pay some attention to this. Because if you look at the articles written by the most successful websites or bloggers in the world, they are writing about their personal experiences, or what they have researched and visited. So I believe this is something you should clearly think about.

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