Let’s Get Started a Website to Earn a Best Monthly Income From AdSense

Everyone wants to make money online at home. So Google Adsense is one of the most successful and best ways to make money online. If you can earn a steady monthly income from Adsense, I really think it will be a very valuable thing in everyone’s life.

We be talked about google adsense a lot before, but including all of that, this one will go beyond that and give you the guidance you need to start earning money from google adsense and start a website. So let’s get back to everything from the beginning.

The amount of money laundered for AdSense depends on a number of factors.

Basically, depending on the country where traffic (visitors) come to the website, they usually pay more for countries like American, European and very low for Asian and African countries. This is due to the fact that customers pay more or less for ads to adwords.

Depending on the ads displayed on your website. Competitive pays more for Business Advertising The lower the competition, the lower the payout. Advertising for this also has an effect on the tastes of the dedicated visitor.

Traffic coming to the website depends on the traffic source. How Visitors Visit Your Website Can Be Through Google, yahoo, facebook, Twitter, youtube, or other web site ad network. But it also pays more for ad clicks of traffic coming through Google.

Pay more or less on the niche, category and keywords used to make the website.

Google Adsense Account Activity Occasionally. If Ad Click occurs frequently, you have the opportunity to increase the amount you pay at a certain level.

Most websites usually charge around $ 0.01 to $ 7 per ads click. In addition, there are cases where you can pay between $ 5- $ 15 for certain websites, and around $ 15 – $ 300 for a specific SIM limit or more. The highest payout is $ 0.01- $ 5. Asian Countries often charge $ 0.01 – $ 0.50. American, European Countries often pay more than $ 1.

If you get 2000 Ads clicks paid approximately 0.1 per month, you can get around $ 200 per month. ($ 0.1 x 2000 = $ 200) You can earn $ 2000 per month if you get 2000 paid ad clicks for $ 1 per month. ($ 1 x 2000 = $ 2000) The amount that is always paid can vary from visitor to visitor. So you have a good chance of earning a lot of money if your website gets a lot of traffic (visitors).

So I think an idea may have come up with AdSense, now let’s see how to successfully start a website with the aim of making money.

Things to consider before starting a website

1) Through what medium do you make money using your website?

Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for face acne treatment. The most popular of these is the use of an ad network that can place ads on websites including google adsense, media net, ezoic, as well as affiliate programs including amazon, ebay clickbank, commission junction, maxbounty

Here you have to decide how to build a website based on the methods you want to make money. Otherwise it will be difficult to go to the success or income you hope for.

Since Adsense aims to make money, you first need to study the rules and regulations laid down by Adsense. You need to create a website that conforms to those new and updated rules

2) How to get visitors to the website?

It all depends on your income, so it is very important for you to plan this correctly. The easiest way to attract visitors is to use social media including facebook. The most successful method is to do SEO and create a website. That is what we are going to talk about mainly.

If you aim to make money on social media, you can get a daily amount of traffic by posting articles that suit your audience every day. You do not have to wait for SEO to get traffic. Daily articles can get daily traffic. You can also make money using the ad network audience network provided by facebook. Success in getting traffic through social media mainly depends on your social media likes, followers and whether you post an article that suits them.

3) What is the target audience?

Here you especially need to think about the what is the country of visitors/Viewers you want to bring to the website, when adsense it is important to target countries like high cpc (cost per click) high cpc country USA,Canada Australia,any  to increase revenue. In addition, you can target specific age limits and social and city boundaries as per your needs.

4) What is your website about?

All of the above should be considered with this in mind and understand. If you choose a topic that will enable you to rank quickly in Google, you will be able to earn money quickly. For this, it is essential to do the right keyword research to choose a good topic and topic that suits you. We will see later what keyword research is and how to do it

In addition, you should never create your AdSense account here. Because if you can build a successful website correctly, getting adsense will not be a big deal. There are numerous alternatives to Adsense available today.

However, this should be done like building a your home, your first task should not be to build the roof of the home. Is to lay a solid foundation. Depending on its strength, the income you can go for will probably take you some time to build this home, but it will certainly succeed. The adsense account can be considered as the roof of the house, you do not get anything to struggle to fix it first. Even if you have an approved adsense account, you will not get any money if you keep it on a website that is not visited by visitors. Therefore, if you lay the foundation properly, you can make this house as beautiful as you like, and if your website is in the right order from the beginning, you can go to unexpected success.

What is Keyword Research? How to do keyword research to website we are creating?

Keyword research can be considered as a not easy topic. Because this can be done through unique methods, it is not possible to say for sure. But here too there are some commonalities. Even if the keyword research is not done properly, the website can fail no matter how well everything else goes. Therefore, Keyword Research can be considered as the most important work we have to do in this work. Doing this correctly will make it easier for you to rank your website and make this website more successful.

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