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Although the topic of this Post is about APK Review Websites, I hope that anyone who reads this guide will learn how to plan an SEO campaign for any type of website. That means there are various websites like AdSense Websites, Affiliate marketing Websites, Commercial websites, Corporate websites. Even with small changes, this SEO prototype often goes the same way.

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A week or two is good to gather knowledge by reading this guide. Do a good study on this. Collect all the resources you can. And then exactly two weeks later to set up with the Post. By now you should have selected your first app and studied it well. From there, let’s go ahead in order. This post is published for people who can dedicate themselves. Not for those who are waiting for something to happen.

You should do your research about this niche and the issues related to it for two weeks from here. Today starts here. What is SEO?

What is SEO? for APK Review Websites?

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Simply put, it’s like this. This has many definitions. I will tell you what I use. Search engine optimization is the process we carry out on our site and outside of the site to bring our website to the top of a search engine result. Then from here on in this Post series we are going to talk about the things that happen in that process.

How can someone who knows nothing get this in his head. This is not something that should be get seriously. Some people try to show it like that, I don’t know why. There are some simple concepts in SEO. A bit of basic theory. If you put those things in your head, learning SEO will be very easy for anyone. But you definitely need commitment. Get used to reading everything you can see and touch without getting bored. Watch YouTube videos. Follow forums and communities related to SEO. That’s number one. The second is to make money. Because there are enough new resources on the internet. If you make a book in such a way that you can read it, it will surely be a big help for your development.

That way, they will be able to make enough money to read and understand something, only if you commit yourself to it. No one can put someone down. If you don’t dedicate your efforts. Why do I ask to make money? The reason is that you are going to work in a program that targets the international audience. So, it is definitely worth developing the ability to understand the word. You will be able to learn more and more things the hard way.

When we want to find something, the first thing we do is to go to the Google search engine and search the words in our mind about it

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What will happen then? Google search engine shows us some results related to the words we searched. Have you ever wondered what the mechanism of this might be? Anyone who thinks like that has really finished the basic foundation of learning SEO. The way SER (search engine results) are displayed has evolved more and more since the past. So far, with the advancement of technology, search engines have been able to bring us the most suitable result for what we are searching for.

When learning SEO, it is worth learning about its history and the evolution of search engines. See this post for that. If there is any part of this that I don’t understand, I will tell you to post a reply below..

Then in this thread series we will go step by step. Let’s follow that way. Remember that although the theory is the same, the actions of each person are different. Because it is decided by everyone’s experience. Then it is not the process that I teach, maybe someone else will teach it. Therefore, you should always take only the basic core and make a work schedule that suits you so that you get results. ok

Let’s go like this.

How to do keyword research in this I am talking about some methods, how to do keyword research using free and paid tools) is not very long because there are so many guides on the internet. I will mention them at that time. This is an important factor that determines whether what you are going to do will be successful.

The main things to pay attention to in the onsite SEO part (from the schema markup of a site to the speed of the site, everything is told about the things that happen in the onsite SEO part)

The offsite SEO part for APK Review Websites

after completing the things mentioned above for a brand new site, how to rank a site, what needs to be done to build backlinks and what strategy is given. Let’s talk about how to increase the reputation of a site, how to keep the rank of a site, and how to keep it almost stable regardless of the update. In addition to this, we will talk about how to do HQ link outreach, how to get guest posts, how to build massive links for a site without any plan and make a temporary rank and how to do the job properly without causing the site to rank lower than it is. How to automate the backlink building process in a genuine way after finishing the manual work and getting some profit. How to build tiered link by using RankerX and SEO autopilot.

The Technical SEO part for APK Review Websites.

This will be most important after 2020. The technical SEO part is a combination of several on page SEO and off page SEO factors. The main target of this is to increase the crawling and indexing ratio of a site. ex: site architecture, breadcrumbs, URL structures, structured data markup etc. At the end of this, we will talk about what kind of factors change the ranking of a site based on the user experience.

After the end of the SEO Post series, you can ask any question that arises beyond that in this thread. Beyond that, they will definitely tell you about something that goes beyond normal AdSense. A side shop that many people don’t know and a side that can be found with good targeted traffic. More to come. Let’s look at them ahead.

I am aware of people who provide their services as SEO services in USA as well as in forums like BHW. I hope that they will help with these things in the future.

People in Sri Lanka are very different. Many people are used to waiting for everything from someone else. That is why Sri Lanaka has become a developing country even after so much time has passed. Because the majority are used to getting things from politicians for the country. In this country, the young generation also receives such an example from the elders. This should change in the future. Definitely. The day when the youth of this country will be successful in building their own economic strength, there will be no more clamoring for jobs.

The day they stand up on their own, politicians will no longer have a head to bow to. Certainly, after that day, no one can stop Sri Lanaka from becoming a developing country into a developed country. If the economy of every family improves, surely this Sri Lanaka will be a different place. For that, the young generation needs to think in a new way and start working without waiting for everything to be available to them. Without fear, the online marketing industry and freelancing will continue to develop. To move forward, if you are a person who likes technology, you will not go wrong in life if you study these fields properly. Whether you are working in another field or not in this field, try to be the best you can be. Find the right paths. It only takes one decision to change everything in life.

Let’s work and move forward. There are 2 months left for this year to end. For someone who can dedicate himself to work, these 2 months are enough to completely change his life. First of all, you need to choose a good field for yourself. 2 months is enough. As said earlier, you can definitely change your life with just one thought

This Make APK Review Website journey will be very easy if you dedicate yourself to one goal. Changing your mind is a different thing. And definitely changing the mindset is very important when moving forward in this field. I will talk about that soon. I say this as someone who has been helped and messed up once, I will not stop helping, but I will definitely give the help I need to recover from arm’s length. If you are still in this field, if you are stuck somewhere without being able to move up, find that place. When you fix it, life starts to go up like a rocket. Will not come down again. Because the mindset is built for that.

The chapters of the post will be published in order in a few days. Bro, we want to be a competition not for another Sri Lanka, we want to be a competition for those in our field in other countries. Indians are far ahead of Sri Lanka because of their hard work. That was the first thing I said about the way of thinking of Sri Lankan people. If those mindsets go away, many things will start to happen in life that you can’t even imagine.

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