How to start your business with Pinterest

Pinterest is an ocean of opportunity! Did you know these things?

Have you ever heard of a visual discovery search engine?

Although not popular in Some Countries , Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social platforms in the world. You know youtube is the most popular search engine after google. When you search on Youtube, the results are videos. Pinterest is a similar search engine. The only difference is that images come to search results. So we have a UI that shows us the search results better than google.

Topics like fashion, home decor, travel are currently trending on Pinterest.

People come to Pinterest for a lot of purchase inspiration.

Imagine what a wonderful opportunity that would be!

Pinterest account is just like the notice boards in our schools. At that time our self creations would go to the relevant place and hang. Remember? We can create boards with different names in our account. We can go and hang whatever we like on those boards. Those hangers are called ‘pins’. Also, anyone can visit these boards. It does not need to be followed.

Let’s see some eye-catching details about Pinterest.

1. Pinterest receives 480 million users per month.

2. 98% of visitors try something from the pins on the pinterest, at least one recipe is right.

3. 95% have searched without a brand name. So you can easily sell the business of people like us to us on pinterest.

4. 89% are inspired to purchase something.

5. 80% of visitors have purchased something.

6. 71% of the Pinterest audience is on the fashion side because of females.

As you can see, pinterest is one of the leading social media platforms with such a large audience.

Pinterest is an ocean of opportunity.

On the one hand we can use this to bring sales to our online store. On the other hand, it can be used to bring traffic to your website.

Get to work on a great social platform like pinterest that you like right now. But keep this up before the pinterest arrives.

1. Do not post inappropriate content (such as memes) without recognizing the audience.

2. Identify the end user’s perspective and publish the content. Don’t just fill up on cyber garbage.

3. If the colors you use are too bright, switch to dull colors. Because western countries prefer such colors.

4. Add only relevant content to your boards with a purpose.

5. If you are targeting a USA audience, publish pins at 1-5 in the morning local time.

Before you do all this you have to be with pinterest for about a week, just like you go facebook.

Once you identify the platform, you will begin to see the opportunities within it. But you have to hold on for a while.

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.”

-Bill Gates-

The story is told by Bill Gates, the richest man in the world until recently, who created the famous Microsoft company.

So the important thing is not to give up saying there are no results for a while, but to wait patiently for the results you want. Think about it.

Pinterest is probably the last chance you have to climb.

Okay, so leave a comment below what you think about Pinterest

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