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A Successful SEO Website is a matter that varies based on each other’s goals. Nowadays, we often see people creating articles and websites for the purpose of making money. Making any website that anyone builds a success is a difficult task, but there is something we can do to minimize the shortcomings of the website being created. And then we can have hope that the website will reach the intended best ranking at the beginning. To create the best and most successful website, you must first understand why a website succeeds or fails.

Possible causes of website failure:

  • Focus on SEO method after creating Successful SEO Website.

Many people focus on how to get traffic to their website only after they have created it, so it is often difficult to get a successful website to rank in SEO. SEO is something that has to do with designing a website.

  • Creating a website on an unknown subject.

Many people create websites for themselves or the person writing the articles on the websites without any knowledge, understanding, or experience. Because of this, a website is created by re-entering the content of the facts on the internet in a slightly different form. Due to this, a website with unique content will not be created. Also, many people try plagiarism. But it is not a method to prove that it is an original article written with one’s own ideas and experiences.

  • Creating websites that do not have good value and quality

Many people today are trying to create a website in some way but they are not motivated to do anything with real quality and value to the website users. It’s impossible to even earn money from a website that people do not visit. If people want to come to your website, you have to create a website that has a reasonable way to get people to come and have a good reason to come.

  • Not focusing on the right things over time.

Most people these days think about making more money but do not pay much attention to creating a website that is capable of earning money. For example, in the early and middle stages of creating a website, instead of trying to generate traffic to the website, many people try to create a google AdSense  account. They often forget that having an google AdSense  account without more traffic is useless and that AdSense  is the only way to earn money from a website.. If you can build a website with good traffic, you can use a better and less risky ad network than AdSense .

  • Writing an article that does not match the search intent.

Writing articles for a website is a very important factor in creating a website. Users need to understand the purpose of a keyword search and write the article. It is useless for anyone who is looking for information about planting an apple tree to have written a lot of information about the apple trees in the world. Most words have a tendency to become more article rank, but just because the number of words increases does not mean that. Just placing the relevant keywords too many times will not make it happen.

  • Competition Use more keywords.

Many website builders knowingly or unknowingly use high Cost per Cick (CPC) or high competition keywords for their website. This is also a big reason to build a website that sometimes down ranking or fail. When trying to get SEO and traffic to a newly created website, it is best to use low competitive keywords in the early first stages. Also, many people nowadays choose keywords to build a website based solely on the value of Keyword Difficulty (KD). Here too the competition is to select more keywords and to select keywords that do not have a proper basis.

  • lack of adequate knowledge about SEO.

There are many instances where mistakes are made due to lack of proper understanding of SEO. SEO knowledge becomes an essential factor if you want to get more traffic and visitors from search engines like google.Many newbies think of putting an SEO plugin like yoast, rank math and making the necessary settings as a complete SEO. Actually a plugin does not decide everything except making our work easier. Therefore, just active an SEO plugin will not rank a website.

Considerations for Creating a Successful SEO Website

One of the most important factors in building a successful website is making sure to minimize the potential for failure mentioned above. You also want them available to answer your questions when you are feeling uncertain about your website. So here are some key points that may be considered important.

  • How to get visitors to the your Successful SEO Website?

Before creating a website, you need to plan how to attract people (visitors / traffic) to the website because you will not be able to make money if people do not come. Website is not something that can be done by giving priority to all these people and everything that they think, what they say they like and know and just don’t know anything. In all of this you need to have a proper vision plan to build a successful website. Nowadays, you can see several main ways to attract people to a website, of which the organic traffic obtained through the search engine has a special place. This means that you get SEO by doing SEO for the traffic and more visitors you get through this search engine.

In addition to getting traffic through social media, posting ads of various advertising companies like google adword, taboola, content ad. Gain traffic through various forums and videos as well as through ad spaces on various websites. Of these, we are going to talk about search engine optimization (SEO).

In order to get traffic from search engines, you need to do SEO on a precise basis in everything you do on the website from beginning to end. To do this you need to have a clear understanding of SEO and use methods that are compatible with the website you plan to create. Because there are so many ranking factors introduced in SEO, it may not be enough for you to do just a few of them easily. The most important thing is to do everything you can and should do to get your website up in the google rankings.We will talk about this in more detail in the following sections.

  • How to make money on Successful SEO Website?

As always, the creator of a website focuses on making money, so from the moment you design a website, you need to pay attention to how and how the website will make money. Building a website and finally focusing on the methods by which a website can make money is not a successful method. There are several ways in which a website can make money, but the most important and most important are becoming an ad publisher and doing affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the topics in focus at Global Oneness. This method is not yet very popular in our country. But it is also the most successful and most popular and best method in the world This simply means promoting a product or service through our website or making a purchase for someone who comes to the website. What is happening here is not a bad promotion. Often those who find the merits of a product or service before purchasing it, those who seek to compare goods and services, and those who find solutions to certain problems and some issues, are guided to buy what suits them best. This way, if someone makes a purchase through your referral link, you will receive a relevant commission. This commission can be a percentage or a fixed value depending on the percentage value.

When we talk about making money from a website, we can bring up the Google AdSense  program, which many people use.In addition to Google AdSense , there are many ad publisher networks in the world. MediaNet, Taboola, Ezoic, Mediavine, and AdThrive are just a few other such ad publisher networks. This is where giving the opportunity to advertise on your website comes into play. These can be referred to as the CPC (Cost-Per-Click) network or, in some cases, the CPM (impressions) network.

Some of them can make more money from some websites than Google AdSense  can, and some of them cannot. However, you can use an ad publisher network that suits your needs and your website as well as your own. No matter which ad network you use, the company you intend to use should have created our website to meet the requirements of our website in order to get approval to use the relevant ad network (Media Net, Taboola, Ezoic, Mediavine, AdThrive) on your website. So you need to pay attention to this if you have a plan to use the best ad networks.

For example, if you use an ad publisher network such as AdSense , there are a number of relatively strict rules and regulations that need to be considered. Among them, AdSense  approval also focuses on the quality of the content (articles / content) of the website and what the content is about. Companies like Ezoic, Mediavine, and AdThrive base their decision on whether or not to approve a website based on traffic, even if they do not pay much attention to the amount of traffic coming to the website when approving AdSense .

Before naming something like AdSense , it is important to read and examine a few pages before Google’s website, including information about Google’s AdSense  program policies and content guidelines. This will help you to avoid backlash.

  • What is your website about?

If you are focusing on the revenue you can earn money from your website, what kind of audience is your website targeting? What kind of country it is is important. Targeting countries with less online shopping does not make sense in affiliate marketing. Also, when using ad publisher networks, it is not a mistake to pay attention to the CPC value in relation to the target country. CPC rates per ad click are often lower in Asian and African countries than in the US and Europe.

Also here, it is very important to start a website about something you know, or you have a clear study, or something that you can do a good study on, because if you build a website about something you have no knowledge of, then you are often going to rewrite the material in your language and apply it to the website. There is nothing new here. Also, there is often no good reason for the Google search engine to pull back the current Google results and put your articles on the Google result page. This makes it easier for you to succeed by talking about new methods and your experience with something you already know.

So when choosing a title (topic / niche) to build a website, it is a good idea to have an expert with a good knowledge of the niche you are going to create the website for or that topic. Because then it will be easier for you to do something new that is not available on the web anyway.

Also, choosing a topic that is less competitive than what you know can help you build a website will help you get quick traffic and build a successful website.

When choosing a topic when creating a website, you also need to consider the expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E, A, and T) in an update released by the Google search engine. This does not mean that a website that does not match the E-A-T level will not make it to the top of the Google page result rankings, but E-A-T is not something that can be ruled out today. Google’s E-A-T allows users to use websites with real-quality information.

When we talk about E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness), we also have to talk about YMYL. This is also an update given by Google. YMYL says

“Your Money or Your Life” means that if you create a website that contains content that can affect the happiness, health and safety, medicine, or financial stability of your website users, it will not be easy to rank a new website. That. Having a good E-A-T is also very important when ranking YMYL content because making a website as someone who is not responsible for topics like this is something that users find difficult. For example, if wrong medical advice is given, the effect of a website can go from the life of the user to the payment of compensation. Therefore, trusted websites that have built a good E-A-T have a great opportunity to become YMYL-type content ranked.

You can also identify topics in the following categories under YMYL: Your Money or Your Life.

Groups of people

Heath and Safety



Civils, law, and government

The news and current events

When it comes to starting a successful SEO website, you have to pay close attention to all the issues and key areas discussed so far. You can also design a website by adding more information for your goals and targets. But in general the above tips and tricks will be enough for you to create a successful SEO website. Additional things we will talk about in the next sections.

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