The Most Efficient Method of Keyword Research

Before giving an idea about keyword research and the content (articles) of the website, let me say that this is a complex topic for me. I will only give you my opinion on this in a small way, because there can be many different ways to do this work. Therefore, I would rather hear and understand those who have eyes and ears than just accept this story I have just told. Then let’s get to work.

What is expected from keyword research?

Together, I cannot give the right answer. It all depends on each other’s needs. So I’m going to target you guys who are thinking of creating a small website like mine.

So often, keyword research hopes that such a person will create a website that is the easiest or best way to access Google SERPs, or one that suits their business and increases traffic and sales.

In plain English, a sentence or a phrase (a key or key phrase, word or word phrase)



Beauty Tips

Women’s Beauty Tips


Beauty Salon in Sri Lanka

In Colombo, there is a beauty salon.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss for Men

Weight Loss Tips

Top 10 Weight Loss Suggestions for a Healthy Lifestyle

Any of these can be taken under this.

How do you find an idea for a keyword all at once?

I will not give you a direct answer to this. You can think and explore, depending on your needs, wants, and creative abilities. You can use social media, forums, Google SERP, niche websites, classified ad websites, eCommerce websites, blogs, newspapers, books, and SEO tools if you know any of these can be used for this work. You can do any of these and find the best keywords. If you think about it, you will find many more unique methods.

Let’s say we found a keyword anyway. After that,


As I understand it, most people who read this aim to find something in Google Adsense or something in Affiliate Marketing. So you’re definitely trying to get into the Google SERP with a website with fewer competing keywords.

Now how do you find out if this keyword is the best or unusable?

It is easy for us to get help from keyword research tools for this. Most content creators do the same.

What SEO Tools Can You Use?

Let me just mention a few that many people use.

Ahrefs, SEMRush, Moz, LongTailPro, Majestic SEO, Google Keyword Planner, Trends, and many more. Also, you will get a great idea of how to use Google SERP. You can use one or more key word research tools for this task. It will help you to make sure that the keyword is definitely suitable for your job or not, depending on your needs. I personally use them a lot, because we can only trust about 90% of all SEO tools except Google to a maximum of 90%. Whatever it is, it’s for your work. The Ahrefs Tool is one of the most trusted tools I have ever used in keyword research.

However, many people use unique methods and tools. I have seen and heard many people here using the Moz Tool as usual.

Things that can or should be considered in keyword research

Keyword Difficulty

This is basically using SEO tools.

Keyword Difficulty What is the maximum limit that can be considered good?

I cannot give you the best answer to this. You can make a decision based on what tool you use and your goals. The higher the maximum, the easier it will be for you. Since the majority here uses Moz, my opinion is that it would be nice if it could go below 55%.

Huh, that’s it. 25% less, aren’t they?

I will give you more idea about it.

Most of the people who have talked to me, who have already done SEO and created a website, have decided on the Moz Difficulty only on the end result of Keyword Research. ⁇

According to them,

If the Moz Difficulty is less than 20%, it is considered as an easy keyword. 25% less as an easy one and Moz Difficulty less than 40% as if it’s impossible to try together. If it is more than 45% then don’t look at that side either.

Maybe you do too,

I’m not saying that system is wrong here. Let me just say one thing. If you decide on the keyword difficulty of an SEO tool, you will probably miss many keywords. That we alone makes it difficult for us to make the right decision.

Hey, I did too. How can that be?

You know, the Moz index gives more weight to DA and PA (Domain Authority and Page Authority), so you already got the answer, right?



Which websites with high DA and PA values ​​can we easily pass in Google SERP?

Let me tell you a few.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, ecommerce websites’ product links (Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress), Youtube Video Links, and forum website’s question links.

How can that be, big websites?

You know how much Google Search Engine likes high value content. Did you know that websites like this often do not have such valuable content for articles? If so, can you easily get ahead of Google SERP by creating websites with high value content?

Search Volume

It can also be done at your discretion. For those who like Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing, you may want to pay attention to keywords that have a slightly higher search volume. If the search volume of the collection of keywords that you intend to use for at least one article is greater than 3000, it will be good for your earnings.

Organic CTR

This has both advantages and disadvantages. First of all, if this is more, the number of visits to your website may increase. As a result, this keyword adds more good value and best demand to the other side. So you take care of it as per your needs.

Now let’s get out of the story  this key word research tool for a bit.

After finding the best keyword here, what other places in the keyword can focus on the good and bad decisions?

After confirming the keyword, you can go a little further. Now you can find out how many people are interested in this keyword.

If Google Trends clearly shows a down trend related to your sarching resalt keyword, the future of that keyword is not so good

You can see on social media, like Facebook and Twitter, what kind of conversation has taken place. This is also possible with the Buzzsumo tool.

– Conversations in the Forums, Problems, etc.

A keyword related to products can also focus on the demand of websites like Amazon and eBay.

After all the above tests, you will choose the best keyword. However, you can skip some of the above depending on your needs.

Now how to write an content from this

It’s not over yet. There is something you need to do before that.

On the first page of the Google SERP for the main keyword and the additional keywords of the audience you are targeting are the 10 websites that we actually have to compete with (for this you have to go to the website and search for your keyword Country or Area). You can see the corresponding results. Even a VPN works fine.

You have to study those 10 websites one by one. This is a very important part of the success of this work. You have to think about the article/keywords by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors.

Backlinks Profile

The lower the backlinks, the lower the quality or the lower the quality of the backlinks, the more you can get an idea of whether or not you should go for backlinks.

Word count and content quality

-The quality of the articles on other people’s websites is relevant to the topic. They have to have a clear understanding of the limitations of the wording and try to do more work to give a competition.

Interlinks, videos, and images are examples of on-page SEO and website format interlinks.

Pay more attention to this.

Let us now come to the article.

The most important thing in this is to write content that is full of quality and unique. Someone will tell you that they do not matter, they want backlinks to google rank. But if the content is not right, if you do not have On Page SEO, even if you get the best backlinks in the world, you will not exist in the google rank, friends

Content is one of the most important factors for you to stay in google rank, without which you will not be able to achieve a lasting result no matter what you do on Page SEO or Off Page SEO.

I will tell you again, content is very important to get to your tragedy. So even if you write articles on your website, pay close attention to it. If you hire article writers, someone else will have to be more careful. Because you’re definitely going to have one of the nicknames highly recommended here, and when you finally understand their highly recommended, you will have lost a lot of things. Make sure you choose the right people, that you know the basics, and get to work. The other thing is that even if an SEO article is translated from one language to another in English, the article will not be copied and pasted, or the keyword will be written down several times in the article. By doing so, you will be blocking your way to your goal. Depending on your topic,

Unique Relevant Content and keywords should definitely be included in the article.

One thing you should never forget is that you are writing this article /content for human to read. I’m going to tell you again, you’re only writing articles for people like you to read

I know that if you do not find what you are looking for, then just ask. So don’t forget that there are people like you on Google. So you have to keep them on your website.

No matter how much you try to please the Google search engine with your article, Google does not expect content that will please their search engine. They want content that makes Google search engine users happy. If you still do not understand, read this post from top to bottom. The topic of this post is about keywords and content. Unexpectedly, I used those keywords many times in this article. Use a number of additional relevant keywords to match. This is not some strange magic that you have to do with a lot of keywords in mind. You justify your topic to the maximum, and what you want will happen automatically.

I have no hope of taking this story any further. I just wanted you to give me an idea of these things so that the seekers can find a way to go. Finish here.

I do not know how practical this story is for you. The comments section handles suggestions and allegations.

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