Top 5 WordPress table Plugins to show Your data table in 2022

Why Use a WordPress table Plugin?

Tables are an excellent way to show large data sets in a smooth-to-read way. you could use tables to share unique information, show price comparisons, create web directories, and plenty more.
WordPress has a default function that helps you to add tables to posts and pages, but it’s limited and doesn’t offer many styling options.
using a WordPress table plugin gives you access to additional functions like drag and drop table developers, advanced sorting options, complete color and style control, and much more.
when you create attractive and interactive tables, it’s easier to keep your site visitors engaged and spending more time in your WordPress website.
Having said that, allow’s check some of the great WordPress table plugins you can use at the side of your WordPress web site.

1) TablePress

Source : tablepress.org

TablePress is one of the maximum popular desk plugins for WordPress. It helps you to create beautiful tables actually and easily with none code.
in case you’ve used Excel before, then you definitely’ll be proper at home using this plugin. The process for adding information is much like adding data to a spreadsheet.
beyond including information manually, you can import and export your tables in Excel, HTML, CSV, and JSON layout. This makes it easy to migrate your tables from another plugin.
It also comes with a completely unique function that makes your tables more interactive. Your users can engage with your tables by using the use of pagination, filtering, sorting, and more.

2) formidable

Source : Formidable

formidable forms is one of the most advanced form builder plugins inside the market. It also has functions that make it an effective table building tool.
essentially, you may create a form the use of the plugin, gather information, and then use that information to make and display your tables.
you could choose from multiple different styles for your tables and have them completely match the design of your site. Plus, the table builder lets you upload sorting and filtering functions, pagination, and more.
With formidable forms, you can pull information out of your existing forms, so your tables will automatically be updated as new data will become available.

3) wpDateTables

Source : wpDataTables

wpDataTables is a top rate table plugin that helps you to fast add tables to WordPress. It comes with a completely unique table builder that enables you to create visually attractive tables with writing any code.
You’ll find functions that let you merge cells, add star ratings, give every cell a different style, add shortcodes to each cell, and more.
After you activate the plugin, there’s a wizard that will walk you through the steps of making your first chart. you can enter your information at once into the table, or import information from a CSV or Excel spreadsheet, XML file, php, and more.

4) Data Tables generator

Source : Data Tables Generator

data Tables Generator is a flexible table plugin for users who want to create many different styles of tables. It gives help for sorting and search, and may display any type of statistics or media for your tables. similar to Excel and other spreadsheet software, you may even add equations and mathematical formulas into your tables.
you can also convert the information being saved for your tables into graphics, charts, and diagrams. This information visualization can help your visitors better understand your information.
There’s an option in your users to export information on the front end and download it in PDF, Excel, or CSV layout.

5) Ninja Tables

Source : Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables is an awesome WordPress table plugin that lets you create beautiful tables with ease. This plugin has several functions that make more smooth customization.
you can choose between thirteen different shade schemes or create your very own to in shape the design of your website online.
Plus, you may customize how your table will look on mobile, tablet, and laptop devices. All existing table options may be turned on or off with a single click. The manual information access process may be slow seeing that you need to enter each column and row individually. but there are information import options to help speed this up.
It even has a unique feature that lets you upload custom CSS and JavaScript on your table for those who need to add custom code. we are hoping this article helped you learn more about the great WordPress table plugins to save your data.

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