Upwork Review in 2020

You want to hire a best and talented but affordable graphic designer, and someone suggests Upwork.

Now all you have to do is register on this global free platform, create a job posting, and a large number of candidates will jump into work on your project. You choose the best freelancer, and your plan is good to go.

Simple, doesn’t it?

Well, not exactly.

Digital freelance jobs such as Upwork play a massive role in helping companies, and individuals find talented independent employees. The size of freelancers bidding for a project makes it difficult to distinguish between wheat.

In other words, if you are not careful, you may end up hiring an ineffective candidate for your project.

It works the other way too!

As a freelancer, trying to find good-paying projects in Upwork can be a daunting task. Not only do you have to exceed talented competitors, but you also have to compete with freelancers who are willing to charge meagre fees.

Can you make the best use of this platform?


To help you figure out how we did a review of Upwork.

Read on to find out what it does, how it works, what are some pitfalls and how to avoid them so you can get the best talent for your business (at Best Buy!).

What is Upwork?

A few years ago, two popular online free platforms, Ellens and Odesk, merged and created Aperk. According to the company, it is “the premier freelance website for top and best companies to hire and hire the most talented and  professionals in the world.”

The platform says it has more than 12 million registered freelancers and over 5 million registered clients. It generates 3 million jobs annually and $ 1 billion in value annually.

Free platforms are gaining popularity.

With the advent of the gig economy, where people quit full-time employment to pursue opportunities in the form of independent work, many talented professionals are signing up to digital markets like Upwork to offer their services.

World-class training lawyers, even CMOs and consultants, have chosen to work independently.

By 2020, more than 40% of the American workforce will be freelancers and independent contractors.

The free service is excellent for individuals to choose their assignments and work schedule.

For organizations, this is an excellent opportunity to recruit talent that may not be available at home or even geographically. By 2017, the average business will hire 25% of its workforce as freelancers, up from 20% in 2015.

How much is Upwork charged?

The digital platform has changed its fee structure, and now the client is giving away the gig to the freelancer.

For clients who hire freelancers, the company charges a processing fee of 2.75% per transaction.

This fee is calculated as a percentage of what you pay for freelancers. For example, if the client pays $ 1,000 for a project, the platform will charge an additional $ 27.50 processing fee.

Previously, clients were free of charge.

Customers in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK and some eurozone countries that spend more than $ 910 a month can be allowed to pay a flat fee of $ 25 per month instead of 2.75%. This fee structure is accepted on a case-by-case basis, so you must write to Upwork for approval.

Freelancers pay a sliding service fee of 20% to 5%, depending on the lifetime payment of the freelancer with a specific client.

You pay 20% for the first $ 500 spent with the client through all contracts, and then 10% for the total bill of $ 500.01 to $ 10,000. There is a 5% charge when the entire bill with the client exceeds $ 10,000.

Mostly, the more you do business with one client, the fewer fees you pay in the long run.

Previously, freelancers paid only a fixed 10% service fee for all contracts.

According to Upwork, the new pricing model is designed to encourage high-value, long-term projects.

Some freelancers who previously worked at Ellen’s and Odesk found that the price changes were disconnected. James Duren, a freelance writer who has been working with Upwork since 2014, said it would be difficult to give his clients a $ 10,000 lifetime to qualify for the 5% fee.

Others, such as Danny Margulies, a copywriter who went to work from Ellen’s, disagree. Margulies said he received a quick request from a client who saw the $ 135 an hour rate.

Increasing fees may not be a big problem in itself.

But maybe…

Clients may want to change the price of a job with the processing fee. There are many tedious proofreading jobs for as little as $ 10 an hour.

On the other hand, freelancers can increase the cost of a job by paying the service fee, according to the margins they have to make.

This can lead to higher-paying businesses indirectly, while simultaneously losing the right talent that is not interested in low-paying job offers.

Set your price

As a client…

  1. If you want to attract the right talent, be realistic about pricing. Excellent work hours cannot be hired for $ 2 to $ 5.
  2. If you have a job at a very low price, it attracts the poor quality of freelancers and spambot telephones that bomb potential jobs at economical prices.
  3. Describe the project in detail, including the skill requirement and how many hours it takes to compete. Classify it correctly. This will prevent you from wasting valuable time switching over a large number of unwanted proposals.

As a freelancer…

  1. Even if you are just starting out, don’t price yourself (or offer free work) to attract jobs.
  2. Using a rate calculator, calculate your hourly rate (or cost per job) accurately, so that it not only covers your cost but also reflects the skills you bring to the table.
  3. Don’t just compete on price, show potential customers the time and resources you spend on every aspect of the job and the value you provide. This helps to build trust and respect that goes a long way in getting significant gifts.
  4. Avoid applying for a job that costs less than your client budget. Sometimes, clients do not know what the budget for a job is, but are happy to pay for the right talent.

How to Pay for Upwork

When you hire a freelancer on this platform, there are two types of payments – fixed-price contracts and hourly equipment.

For fixed-price contracts, clients must deposit in an escrow account. Any money that is decided between the two parties will be released to the freelancer once the job is completed or the project has reached its milestone.

At the hourly job, clients pay bills for every weekday before Monday, based on the freelancer’s work diary, which records the number of hours worked with a snapshot of work progress.

Payments can be made via credit card, debit card, bank account (for US clients only) and PayPal. Upwork must verify these payment accounts.

As an hourly freelancer, the billing period starts Monday and ends Sunday; Your funds will be available after ten days (after the billing period ends).

For fixed prices, money is released to the freelancer (after the milestone or project ends) after a security period of about five days. This time is required for work to process and eliminate payments and resolve any disputes before the funds are released.

The system also includes payment protection for clients and freelancers.

As a client, you can define milestones in fixed-price jobs. Payment is released to the freelancer only after you accept and accept the work. You can check out a freelance worker’s work diary before receiving payment for hourly jobs.

Using the Upwork Desktop App guarantees payment to freelancers for clear hours worked on the project. In fixed-rate plans, the client deposits a milestone payment into escrow before starting work.

For many freelancers, this method works better than running after a client to remove an invoice after completing a project.

However, it can sometimes be tricky.

There are times when freelancers terminate employment, but the employer refuses to pay with some pretext, such as unsatisfactory quality. Similarly, clients sometimes make the final payment, but the freelancer does not provide full access to all deliverables (code files, graphics, templates, etc.) of a project.

This means that you will not have access to paid work as a client and you will not be able to get your money as a freelancer.

For hassle-free payments

As a client…

  1. Free the payment and close the contract only after you have received the final product from the free manufacturer and reviewed it for quality check.
  2. Clearly define milestones and specify the milestone payments for the project.
  3. Don’t delay reviewing a completed job or releasing a payment. This can cause disputes and block your account.

As a freelancer…

  1. Ensure that the payment methods of the client are verified.
  2. Work only by using Upwork’s desktop app and work diary, which tracks your time and snapshots to avoid any conflicts during the payment phase.
  3. Adhere to the due date as discussed with the client. If there is a delay, communicate clearly to the client and get an extension.

How to Find Good Freelancers in Upwork

Finding and recruiting the right talent on any free platform is a time-consuming job. For Upwork, it is no different.

Companies and entrepreneurs looking for freelance employees on Upwork usually complain that right talent is hard to come by, there are plenty of moderate applicants, and you need to be on the lookout for fraudsters.

However, it is not possible to hire good prices at reasonable prices. Try these tips:

  • One common mistake employers make is not writing detailed and precise job descriptions. This is essential to attract even the right candidates for your job.

Highlight the objectives of the project, identify any specific tools or skills needed, and describe the level of experience you are looking for. Include details such as distributions and expected results on the due date.

  • When writing a description of your project, add a unique identifier, such as asking the applicant to use the word “blue” in their cover letter or asking a vague question that the freelancer should answer. This will clearly show your job description and confirm you who has sent you a customized offer. That can eliminate the people who make big applications.
  • Study each candidate’s experience, work history, feedback from other clients, and referrals to understand if they are appropriate for your project.
  • Avoid profiles that don’t look professional looking.
  • Candidates use a paid check to qualify. This not only ignores serious freelancers, but also gives you a fair idea of ​​a candidate’s potential.
  • Make sure you conduct a video interview on Skype or Google Hangouts. In a video chat, non-verbal communication is invaluable when trying to separate a good hire from a bad one.
  • If interviewing a freelancer is not easy (perhaps this is their first interaction with you), then swap through Upwork Messenger to get all the details clear before hiring. Upwork Messenger allows real-time communication.

Since all the dialogue in the system is realized, it creates a kind of paperwork for both sides, which can be useful in resolving disputes.

Post a fixed salary project only if you know the exact output and the hours it takes to complete the project. Explain these with the freelancer. If you have any doubts or if the project is involved, you should post it for an hourly rate.

You may also consider hiring some top candidates for a trial contract (such as a paid test drive) to help you make the final decision. Upwork lets you do this.

Sounds like too much work?

You can give Upwork Pro a chance. It’s a new, paid service from Upwork. The company says it helps recruit, recruit and hire the right freelancers from a select group of professionals who are employed by busy hiring managers.

Under the Pro version, freelancers go through a series of tests and interviews to determine if they are suitable for technical skills as well as communication skills, teamwork, and behavioural aspects that assess professionalism.

As a client, when you sign up for Pro, you will have an account manager working with you to understand your job requirements, including specific technical specifications, budgets, etc.

The manager then publishes your work account, screenshot free employees and creates a shortlist for you. These shortlisted candidates will give you suggestions. Then you can sort this list of selected freelancers, interview them and recruit the best candidate.

All these services are priced at $ 149 per month, and the client service fee for all freelancers or project payments is 10%.

The Pro Source service is also available for Upwork Enterprise clients.

Upwork Enterprise gives large businesses access to freelance work in Upwork, and their skills enable them to source and connect freelancers to the cloud.

The latest version of Enterprise allows businesses to include skills checks and background checks with their boarding process steps and checkpoints.

Want to know how to hire a great developer of Upwork? Check out our detailed article here.

How to get a great job in Upwork?

We all know that when applying for a job, you should write a high-level proposal that will attract a client, and several tricks can seal the deal for you at this stage:

  • After writing your cover letter, only 34% of the current work is needed to answer one or more additional questions. Don’t take these issues lightly and think about them later. They are the first thing the client can see when they receive your proposal. The cover letter comes last.
  • Write a custom proposal and cover letter that addresses the submissions made by the client. Don’t be normal You may be the least experienced and expensive bidder for the job, but if you take the time to understand the client’s needs and communicate clearly with your proposal, you will win the gig.
  • Don’t forget to check out a professional’s part. There is more to a proposal than the words you write. Upload a beautiful, professional-looking picture of yourself. Use websites like Photofeeler to see how talented and influential you are. While uploading an image is not mandatory, it does make a difference.
  • Your hourly rates should be competitive, but you should not sell cheaply. Research other free profiles to find hourly rates for your particular use. Find out what you will be paid in a general office for the same purpose.
  • Instead of looking for jobs through keywords and filters, skip all the posts in your category. When you find a few promising hitting headlines, dive deeper. Keyboard filters do not work well at work, and sometimes clients do not classify good projects correctly.
  • Upwork allows you to test the qualifications to show how good you are at something. Only do relevant tests that will impress potential customers in your area of ​​expertise. If you do less than usual on a test, hide them in your profile until you can recover and improve them.
  • You should research your client to find a good fit. Interview them while the client is interviewing you. If you think it might not be the right match, don’t take the project.

All set?

As a client, you have found the best freelancer; As a freelancer, you have found an exciting job with good pay.

Now we can all sit down and relax.

Not so fast.

How to successfully complete a project

There is much more to do a job right than hiring a great guy.

  • Clear communication and effective collaboration are the answer to many of the problems of a project. Upwork allows for collaboration between client and freelancer through its desktop application. Everyone can use it to send messages.
  • However, work in the past has also been used for sending clients too many SMS messages. So if a freelancer has too many questions, expect a voice call or video conversation to have a detailed discussion. Make a note in the Upwork Messenger that you are taking the conversation offline.
  • Upwork Messenger must specify any changes in the project duration, details or payment when negotiated and decided offline. Write a line or two through the main points.
  • Set a schedule for the freelancer’s regular updates. If you need improvements in the middle of the road rather than after the project is completed, you can check the status and provide freelancer feedback. This reduces the final delivery delay.
  • All information about project deliverables, due dates, payments, files etc. should be communicated through updated work. This is essential for resolving disputes.

Some common reasons for disputes

Despite all the precautions, sometimes disputes arise. Some of the familiar sources of work disputes are if a freelancer bills you for more hours than you need to complete the task, or the quality of the sub-task.

In such cases, the client has free time (usually a week) to review the issue or resolve the dispute before the review period ends. For hourly jobs, differences should be based on hours and not on the quality of work.

For fixed-price jobs, the rules stipulate that only freelancers can file disputes (to exempt escrow funds). However, that doesn’t mean you can’t talk to your freelancer about a refund. Moreover, there have been instances where clients have disputed the fixed price jobs and withdrew the money for the full payment.

As a freelancer, you should always work with Upwork’s Time Tracker, which is part of its desktop application. This is a testament to the time spent on the job. For fixed hour work, discuss milestone-based payments to ensure that you receive a partial refund for completing certain parts of the project.

Get into a dispute, only if necessary. Dispute resolution is not one of the main strengths of Upwork, and they tend to be subjective in this regard. Often, work disputes lead to arbitration, which is an expensive fee.


With the rise of the free economy, many companies are finding it cheaper to rent online platforms. The talent pool of freelancers and remote workers on these platforms is vast and gives you broad geographical access. Moreover, you save on the extra costs associated with hiring a local employee such as office space, workplace, insurance.

With new markets like Upwork expanding and upgrading its services to create a more comfortable and more efficient relationship between clients and freelancers, there is no better time to get high-performance work for your projects online.

Are you hiring your next graphic designer or copywriter on a digital free platform?

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