What are the Most Profitable Niches?

Ok will start. Today second part of this How to earn big money from AdSense with low traffic.

In this post we are going to talk about what topics are suitable for us to create the most effective and profitable blogs.

1st part of : How to Make Money From AdSense With Low Traffic

We call them Most Profitable Niches. It can be divided into many sub-sections. Let’s talk about that later. Now let’s see what the Most Profitable Niches are!

The Health & Wellness Niche

The Health & Wellness Niche

We all know that even if you go to get a medical advice, the fees spent on it are very high in the whole world. And these rates will increase and never decrease.

That’s why many people are used to using the internet to get advice for minor ailments.That trend is increasing more and more in the world. In Sri Lanka, even though it is still not that popular to get advice through the internet, this thing is happening in almost every other country.

Get a review about Vitamins and Supplements,

About certain health habits,

About various prescriptions,

People are using the internet to share ideas on the rise and the trend is only increasing day by day.

But the most important thing to remember is that you can’t just give medical advice if you don’t have proper qualifications. Understand that it is legally wrong. But it is not a mistake to direct the person seeking advice to the right place. Another thing to remember. That’s why traffic will never decrease for this niche

Technology Niche

Technology Niche

This is also a niche that is really developing day by day. With new ideas, new technologies are constantly emerging in the world. So people like to learn about those new technologies and know about the uses of those technologies. Also, people want to know details about the latest improvements in the currently used equipment.

Eg: About software updates in Smart Phones.

Blogging about technology and making YouTube videos is really a big help in increasing traffic and your ads earning. So, while following this technology, you must always pay attention to the latest Tech Updates/Trends. Then you will have a steady flow of traffic to your blog and anything else you do.

People like to make things easy. Because of that theory, many women follow this niche, guys. And it’s easy to get them hooked on these new ones.

guys, don’t be angry for saying that. Because look at the kitchen.

Isn’t technology making your work easier today? Where are the old equipment’s that used to come out for the new year? hey hey Technology has invented new things for everything. From the Heavy Blender to the Magic Bullet, technology has progressed and it will continue to do so. So what are the other stories..

The SEO Niche

The SEO Niche

This can be write a lot about it. Because today’s bloggers have become indispensable.

But why!

Even as we speak, thousands of new websites are being added to the Internet.

Some sites publish important things while others publish nothing.So, no matter what kind of site this is, you guys want to come to the first page or the second page or at least the third page.

That’s why people want to do the basic things needed for blogging.But many people do not want to spend for this. Because they will get income from their site,

Will the money spent on SEO be wasted? Because of the thought that it will be useless, they are motivated to do this themselves and eliminate that risk.There is really nothing wrong with that.

But while doing that, it is very important to learn properly.People love to eat.

If anything is available, people flock there like bees.For that very reason, if you give good guidance about SEO, if you have good guide videos, people will not stop joining there at all.

And so to your blog, As a result of gaining the trust of the visitors who come to the YouTube video, you will be able to link any SEO-related product to a trail period and then make them buy it.Also, the content you create can really bring new visitors to your blog.

Since I talked about SEO, I will talk about back link which is the most basic thing in SEO.I put a back link on one of my sites even after 8 to 10 months have passed. Because I definitely prioritize content quality over SEO.

One thing I believe is that if people are given good and valuable things through the blog, if new ideas are constantly contained in those published things, if they cannot get new ideas like that from anywhere else, then I should really work hard to promote my blog. don’t want

If the post gets more than 10,000 social shares, if more and more new visitors come to my site after seeing those shares, if anyone who comes reads the post and understands the value and continues to read my blog post without going back immediately, then my bounce rate is very high. If there is a low value, why am I in a hurry to run after the back link?

The Search Engine Bot decides whether or not I will be brought to the first pages with the Powerfulness of the Keywords in my site posts and the Ranking Factors in my website status. 😉

That’s why, guys, I always believe Saying “Content is the King”.I always followed the concept that Mr. Bill Gates said while preparing my blog post.

That’s why I don’t really worry about backlinks while building the site.After a long time, I will apply some back links for the site for the future use of the site.


Social Media

Blogging Guides


Making Money Online

Relationship & Dating



Green Energy


Learn to speak other languages

Economical Construction

There are many sub niches / micro niches for these guys.

Then each of these Niches will be divided into at least 10 more Sub Niches.

Some have even more.

Now what can be done by using these Most Profitable Niches is to create a blog based on those topics and make money by applying ads to it?

That idea is wrong guys.

Because this Most Profitable Niches is not only something where you can create a blog and connect AdSense or another Ad Network to it and get an income.!

You can successfully use these Most Profitable Niches for several important things and earn huge profits.

What are those?

1. You can get rid of the conservative Video Creation traditions and create YouTube Videos using these Most Profitable Niches.

Believe me, my friend, you will never whisper to me again that the amount paid by AdSense for my videos is low.

That’s by making videos from these Most Profitable Niches.

2. Next you can join the CPA Offers Platform related to the Most Profitable Niches and Promote the Product.

What are these CPA Offers Platforms?

One way you can run these CPA Offers is to create a Landing Page and share a Product related to any Profitable Niche on Face Book Groups, YouTube and other Social Media Sites/Groups related to the Niche.

For example, look at this.

This is a weight loss product.Name of Garcinia Cambogia Product.See here how many CPA Offers are available for one product. Look at the cost per action

What has this person done with the website below?

This is actually a landing page : pureasiangarcinia.com

This is a CPA offer for weight loss which is a sub niche related to this health niche and this has been run through a landing page.

Look at the Garcinia Cambogia Review on YouTube for one of these weight loss products and see how many affiliate links there are to that product.

This is really only one product in a micro niche.Think about how many more micro niches can be used for this work.As for me, I really don’t do CPA Marketing continuously.

But after watching a special season, if there is a good trend, then definitely make a CPA Offer Campaign, create a good Landing Page, Social Marketing,After running some YT Video Session

I think this is enough for today.

I will come back with the next Post update.

Thank you very much everyone

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