What is a Micro Niche Sites?

Now many people have a simple understanding of what a micro niche is.It will be a simple thing for someone who has read the thread update posted first to understand it.After dividing one main topic into many sub-topics, it is only one sub-topic.

That means after breaking one main niche topic into sub categories, We call a micro niche site for a site that is created by sticking to a sub category.

Why are people so interested in this micro niche site? A Micro Niche Website is a website that consists of a targeted and specific keyword or a Micro Topic.Although Micro Niche websites like this don’t get much traffic, it is possible to get a lot of income with less traffic.

The main reason for that is as explained earlier, What we get is maximum Clean, Targeted Traffic. Targeted traffic to that website converts better than USA-targeted traffic

I also got a little explanation about what a Micro Niche Site

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Let’s think with a small example.

There are two people called A and B. Then this person called A creates a site, about flower cultivation.

He prepares the site by including information that can be posted for someone who is thinking of starting flower cultivation on that site.

Also, he prepares this site so that you can get very good knowledge about how to grow different types of flowers. This is an authority site. Because many broad topics are included in this site under various categories.

Next, the person called B makes a site only about Apple cultivation…..

That means that he includes on that site all the facts that a beginner needs to know about rose cultivation. And the person called B is on that “apple flower cultivation” site….

Having explained those points analytically, Great post included in that site, Helping every person who comes to his site by answering the questions they ask. That site is in progress.

To be honest, this is a Micro Niche. Because roses are one of the types of fruits. This is the best example. Think I don’t or you want to know about Apple cultivation

Now you search for Google God one by one and here it is.

First search – “Apple cultivation”

The second search – “How do Apple grow”

The third search – “How to grow Apples”

The fourth search – “Laying Apple “

The fifth search – “How to apply fertilizer to Apple plantations”

The sixth search – “How to maintain the Apple plantation”

Seventh search – “Diseases affecting Apple cultivation”

In this way, you search a lot on Google.

Now guys this is where you see more than the site that person A is making,

The site made by person B has more posts links as search results. That means that the site created by that person B gets the most number of times on the first page of Search Engine Results.

Why is that happening????

Come on guys, that’s the importance of Micro Niche. When we do a Micro Niche, we include all, all, all the facts related to that Niche in that site, from corner to corner.

So, in Google search, your blog post with the way you have set up the applications of the keywords you used in the Micro Niche Site, Come to the first page of Search Results related to that Search Term,

And the first search result comes in 5, 10. 11

There are a few more reasons for this guys. The most important thing to remember. Content in your Micro Niche is subject to maximum Keyword Optimization,

Always keep the content of that blog excellent. I love to read every post. With important points,

Using graphs charts, Using beautiful images to keep the reader constantly drawn to the post,

You need to prepare the post. Guys, if you always keep “content is king” in mind and work, one month will be enough for your site to become popular.

At the end of this thread, I will give the working system that I follow from the initial step to the point of ranking when I prepare a site. And I learned that method from the same knowledge I got from reading.

I want to tall something clear to you.

Many people are used to making great efforts to rank even if the site has no quality.

At least there is not a single post that is important to read and interesting, and it runs first after SEO.

There are some who dream about SEO even before building the site.

That won’t work, guys.

The reason is important to us…

Do 100 visitors come to the site and those 100 visitors do not turn back as soon as they come and stay inside our site after seeing the importance of our site.

And making that person visit our site the next day. It is not a big deal for anyone who has successfully done that basic step to rank their site. Especially in Micro Niche it is no game.

I have said before that I never run after SEO when building a site in the first place. I run any site without any back link for at least 4 to 6 months.

That’s because I’m confident about my content quality. Remember, I repeat.

Believe The value of your content is the only thing that determines whether the future of your site is good or bad. good Now with the things mentioned above, I think it should be clear what a micro niche site is


If so, I will come back with the next update.

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