What is eBay Drop Shipping?

This is about eBay Drop Shipping.

Before I start, let me briefly explain what Drop-Shipping is. In Drop-Shipping we do not need an Investment / Inventory. In a world we do not have, we can sell anything they have to someone like us.

Here’s how to do it. What we are doing here is taking item it from an intermediary and sending it to the person who bought item it from us.

First you need to do a little product / market research on what people buy more, where they can buy less. The way they ship. The cost of that. Things like our Profit. Then the item that is relevant to you can listing on eBay.

For this you need a Verified PayPal Account. If you already have a Seller Established PayPal Account, the task will be much easier.

If you have never used eBay, order something before selling and get some ideas.

Things to do.

1. Honesty

2. Patience.

3. An Verified PayPal Account. And eBay Account

4. Money to buy goods

5. Respect eBay rules.

Pay attention to eBay rules, for example, you can’t put words in photos, you can’t edit photos, you have to have photos larger than 500px, you can’t have borders, you can’t put photos taken anywhere. If you update about things like that, you can reduce things like PayPal Limit and Listing Limits.

First, when you start selling, you must know about the listing limits of eBay. To check those limits, I will put the Official eBay Link directly here. Nothing weird to say again.


To list an item, first go to the Sell tab.

In the next search box, enter the keyword of the item you want to sell and search,

Next, select the relevant category and continue. If asked about variations, Skip.

Now comes the listing step

You need to fill in the details.  Be sure to fill in the blanks.

Make the title clear and understandable.

Enter the details in the item.

Add Photos from Add pictures.

(Always do not add items that increase the fee of the listing item when listing. For example, the Gallery Plus option in Sub Title, Images) Your listing fee is shown below,

Listing Fees: http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/fees.html

Enter the desired price to sell the item. These numbers should be the number of people who want to see your listing. Check out the Prices left to sell similar items on eBay. Then you can get an Idea, but these should be enough to cover your Profit, Expense, Listing Fee, eBay Charge.

Enter how many of these items are selling. Put in as much as you can afford at the beginning. Because even if your Items Buyers buy from eBay, the money is only 2 weeks pending in PayPal. Before that, if the customer goes to the item and gives a positive feedback, PayPal Pending Balance will be approved.

So it has to be kept under wraps for about a month.

Just give the PayPal you receive your money to.

Continue with the information you ship

If everything is filled in correctly, you will get a preview of your list. If all is well, click OK on the list now.

Now he has to be careful, after we sell an item, after a while a mail comes saying that our listing has been approved. Then people who like yours will pay you,

If someone buys, give them a positive feedback as soon as possible.

Log in to the Dropshipping Site as soon as possible, pay for the item and send the item to your Customer’s Address.

Once you ship your item / s from the Drop shipping site, mark it as Item Shipped on eBay. If it’s too late to ship on the Drop shipping site, mark it as Shipped earlier. Your faith in the Drop shipping Site is important here, which is why I said first of all, you should try an item first. Then you can get such an understanding about Customer Service, Shipping.

Now he has to wait. But it is possible to file a Customer Case as Items are late so be always careful.

Customer Positive Feedbacks are important. Most people give positive feedback when items are delivered. So first send Fast Ship Items.

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