What is ezoic? Best Review in 2022

As we mentioned earlier, Ezoic is an ad network that lets you show ads from various networks on your website, earning you an excellent bit of revenue.

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Ezoic claims that if you want to increase your income by 100–250%.This is a pretty massive claim, and in line with many testimonials, this claim holds true. So how is this possible? Well, Ezoic uses the electricity of AI and Machine Learning to determine the most viable layout, for my part, tailor-made for every consumer to be able to maximize profits and improve consumer revel in.

We’ll speak more about approximately how Ezoic does this, and what kind of multiplier it was for my profits later on in the review.

Ezoic Requirements                               

The Ezoic requirements are fairly low and easy, resulting in a massive quantity of web sites being qualified for them. The hardest requirement is the month-to-month visitors; otherwise, the others are fairly easy.

  • 10,000 Visitors Per Month
  • Must not be barred from using Google AdSense any longer.
  • Must follow the identical policies laid down by AdSense (no irrelevant content, and many others).
  • Unique and original content.
  • Organic site visitors are desired (though no longer compulsory.

The Process

There are two ways that you’ll end up getting into the Ezoic Program. Either you will be invited specially by one of their representatives, or you may pass and follow them directly. Ezoic’s customer support is fairly brief with responses, so count on your software to be common or rejected within 24–48 hours.

Once you have been normal in the Ezoic software, you want to take some steps earlier than absolutely being capable of displaying Ezoic Ads on your website.

Your Ezoic representative will contact you. You can rely on him for help for a while with Ezoic.

You will have to clear some simple steps, like connecting Google AdSense and Ezoic. Approval can take around 24 hours.

Integration between Ezoic and your website.

Setting up Ad Placeholders for your website online

Turning Traffic On.

Turning on the Site Speed Accelerator (optional)

Problems with Ezoic

Before I start talking about how much Ezoic has become capable of improving my profits, I want to discuss a number of the downsides and issues I faced at the same time as putting Ezoic up.

Integrating with Ezoic

Integrating with Ezoic was no smooth assignment for me, and I worried every week’s worth of frustration, regular e-mailing, and several hours of downtime. There were several reasons behind this, with the blame divided among myself, Ezoic, and my hosting company.

For my part, I had not gone through all of the available tutorials. For this reason, I had one or more alternatives that needed to be correctly configured. One of these has been the SSL settings, and the opposite turned into the X-Forward-For Header that I had to setup. Furthermore, I had not eliminated the LightSpeed Caching Plugin that had been inflicting compatibility troubles.

On Ezoic’s part, the truth that they require a lot of tweaking, have so many compatibility troubles, and make reason mistakes that are difficult to locate almost made me surrender at one point. The saving grace for me was the constant help I had from my Ezoic representative and the range of beneficial tutorials with the aid of Ezoic on the internet.

On my web hosting provider’s part, they had a safety machine that dealt with Ezoic IP’s as bot visitors and placed them through a Captcha web page. Furthermore, a small percent of my customers additionally faced the infamous Origin Error. Despite the fact that there is more at the root of errors in any other article,

Other Ezoic Advantages to Consider

While Ezoic’s AI and machine learning are capable of accurately functioning ads in suitable locations, there’s a manual thing to it as well. When placing “placeholders”, you have a lot of control over where the ad may want to show.

Ezoic has a Chrome plugin which you may use to actually click at the regions to your website in which you need Ads to display. You also can use the Code technique and certainly copy paste it into your internet site documents within the region you need them to seem.

Site Speed Accelerator: Ezoic has a whole bunch of tools and capabilities that may be used to speed up your website. With Minifying CSS/HTML/JS, Caching for Images, Next-gen formats, Scripts, and Ad-Delay, you could extensively improve the performance of your web page.

Well, allow me to try to destroy it for you and provide an explanation for why Ezoic is capable of growing your profits so much. (Based off my personal observations, studies and experience)

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Now at the same time as that is crucial and in reality helps increasing your income and enhance consumer enjoy, it’s not enough to justify a 300% growth in some cases. Let’s check a few different factors, which often have a larger role in growing income.

Increasing the variety of advertisements

Ezoic’s aim will be to display the highest quantity of ads for your website online. If you leave the max commercials alternative unchecked, Ezoic may additionally display 10+ ads for your website online. This i believe is a main cause for the revenue increase.

While it’s pleasant to have many ads, ensure they don’t harm users’ revel in much, such as keeping several ads within the sidebar. Too many ads can slow your web page down too, so make certain to check everything cautiously.

Increasing web site performance

Another motive for improved sales is likely behind the performance measures taken by way of Ezoic that you won’t locate with different ad-networks. Those who already have caching plugins or CDN’s may not enjoy any alternates, but those without those features will get a massive increase.

This will help improve site visitors and lower bounce charges, which will undoubtedly increase sales as nicely.

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