What is google AdSense

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What is AdSense?

AdSense is a service provided by Google. What happens here is that we earn a lot by placing ads in a way that does not bother those who visit our blog or website. All we need is a website. Don’t rush, you don’t have to create a website right now. We will see that in the next article lesson.

Is AdSense safe?

Yes it is 100% safe. Because this is a service close to Google. No one will ever call this Spam.

Can AdSense be taken for every website?

No, not at all. They have rules. I’ll put the rules down.

  • Must have a website. Don’t go looking everywhere now. Next time I will teach you how to create the least number of websites.
  • To get Adsense, you need to have a website in the language approved by Google Adsense. Some people may not be able to write an English post. Some people may not understand English. Do not be afraid of then. I will teach them all how to pick up Adsense from somewhere else. So no one should be afraid of that.
  • Must have a TLD. What is that? That means you have to have a Top Level Domain. We consider TLD to be the .com, .net, .org, .edu, .gov domain. We will talk about how to reduce them in next’s post.
  • A post should have at least 300 or 500 words.
  • The website should have good traffic. (That means people should come to read our blog)

Don’t panic. I teach you how to do them.

Is there an initial cost to this?

Yes, we need to get Hosting (cPanel Hosting or WordPress Hosting) and a Domain. If you buy from the sites I recommend, you can get WordPress Hosting and Domain for around low cost. It’s not a problem for me. (I do not take a penny of this money. You have to do these things yourself. I teach these things completely free of charge so that everyone can understand)

We don’t know anything about that. How to build a site then?

Don’t be afraid of that either. I’ll show you where to start.

Can we believe this?

If you are not sure, try Google Adsense payment proof. Then it will be clear from this how much foreigners earn even though

Today I will stop the post. Next time I will tell you how to get the least hosting & domain. I am also writing this post behind a lot of this work. And I don’t care if I wrote these. So if you think it’s worth it, leave a comment. But please, as mentioned above, one comment is enough. Do not leave a comment. If you have any questions ask here.

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