Wix Website Hosting Review In 2020

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Wix.com Founded in 2006, Wix is a cloud-based website platform that gives people of all levels of design expertise a good look at Wix Web design and provides a great user experience. With Wix, you can run all kinds of websites, from a simple photo site to a music blog or online store. It is your vision, and it is so easy to put it all together with Wix.

Wix is one of the best and most popular website builders in the world, which includes free web hosting. Wix includes four payment levels, premium website hosting to choose from, and business levels and e-commerce hosting, all combined with intelligent Wix site builder and rich templates to help you create your unique websites.

  Advantages (pros)  Disadvantages (Cons)
  Unlimited bandwidth  Some competitors are more expensive  
  Premium Support  The existing website template cannot be changed  
  Access Google Analytics for your website   

 Ideal for

Wix is the perfect website hosting option, and you need to have a deep drag and drop website builder with the hosting that comes with the package and an all-encompassing option that combines beautifully crafted templates. Wix is designed for people who don’t have much experience building web pages or working with code, but still, need their website as a fan-created it.


  • Unlimited bandwidth (VIP, Unlimited, Business VIP, Business Unlimited and Business Basic Plans)
  • Link your domain (excluding all related domain plans)
  • Free one domain for one year (VIP, Unlimited, Combo & Business Plans)
  • 75 Ad Vouchers (VIP, Unlimited, Combo & Business Plans)
  • Priority Response (VIP and Business VIP Planning)
  • VIP support (VIP and Business VIP plans)
  • 100% commission free (on business / e-commerce plans)
  • Google Analytics (on Business / E-Commerce Plans)
  • Accept payments online (on business / e-commerce plans)
  • Social Media Badge Files (Business VIP and Business Unlimited)
  • Video Hours (10 with Business Unlimited, 5 with Business Basic, 2 with VIP, 1 Unlimited, 30 minutes on Combo, Unlimited Video Hours with Business VIP)
  • Web Sites Boosting App (All Business Plans, VIPs and Unlimited)

Whatever plan you choose, you can use hundreds of customizable templates, a drag and drop builder that is easy for anyone to use and requires no knowledge of coding or the web. Design.

Even with the entry-level connection plan, you get 500MB of storage and 1GB of bandwidth and can use your domain. If you want to get unlimited bandwidth, you need to upgrade to an unlimited plan with 10GB of storage. If you wish to remove Wicks ads, at least you need to update the combo plan.

With VIP plans you can enjoy priority feedback and VIP customer support, as well as a guest analytics and site booster app, both with business and e-commerce plans that enable you to run your commission-free online stores. These plans allow you to use Google Analytics to make your site run better with the latest data.

Manage Pricing

Part of the draw for Vicks is that it includes hosting the price. Even if your site still has Wicks ads, you can build and host your website with 1GB bandwidth and 500MB of storage for just $ 4.50 a month. As you go up the price ladder, you will have access to more storage and unlimited bandwidth, as well as sophisticated analytics metrics and superior customer support. Business Web Design 3 offers you a well-oiled online shop for as little as $ 20 a month, all without commission for unlimited bandwidth.

WiX features

Plan of Wix Website Designs

Price per month  $ 29  $ 19  $ 14  $ 11  
Unlimited bandwidth  Yes  Yes  Yes  No
Storage capacity  20GB  20GB  10GB  3GB  
  Connect your domain  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  
Free domain (1 year)  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  
Remove Wix Ads  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  
VIP support  Yes  NoNoNo

Wix Business Plans

 Business elite(VIP)Businesses are unlimitedBusiness basic
Price per month  $ 35  $ 25  $ 20  
Accept payments online  Yes  Yes  Yes  
Commissions are free  Yes  Yes  Yes  
  Unlimited bandwidth  Yes  Yes  Yes  
Storage capacity  50GB  35GB  20GB  
Connect the domain  Yes  Yes  Yes  
Free domain (1 year)  Yes  Yes  Yes  
Video hours  Unlimited  10  5  
  Professional logo  Yes  Yes  No  
VIP support  Yes  No  No  

 Every paid Wix plan includes the ability to link your domain as well as your hosting.


The sites run by Wicks are loaded with speed and provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for readers. One of the technical features that Wix is proud of is its use of the Parallax Scroll, a fantastic web design effect that creates a different background and foreground. Part 2 moves at different speeds as the user scrolls through, creating a deep and truly rich experience.

 It automatically uses an algorithm to build a website. You can choose Wix’s drag-and-drop editor that you can use to make your site, use ADI, or customize a template of your choice.

Wix uses a “multi-layer security architecture” as well as HTTPS / TLS encryption to protect your site and your data, which is good for your site’s security.

Ease of use

Wix is one of the best and user-friendly website builders on the market, so when you sign up for your hosting with Wicks, you don’t have to worry about setting up your website. It only takes you a Small time 

master the Wix drag and drop interface and does not require any kind of web design or coding knowledge. Pick a template you like and start playing with it. It’s intelligent and visually based, and you can always see how the site looks while you’re working.

When it comes to web hosting, Wicks makes things more comfortable with the vast amount of online knowledge available on the web, as well as how to make videos online. Also, depending on the plan you have, you can use Priority Support, and even regular programs give you access to Wix sites Customer Service.

Wix is made more accessible because the hosting web system is built into the system – it is not a separate system that needs to be configured and managed with an external company.

Web Site Builder Features

For those who want to build an excellent and high performing website without knowing how to code, Wix’s must-have website builder is among the best in the industry. Based on your answers to a few questions about your design preference, the ADI function mentioned above will build a website for you, or you can choose one of over 400 templates and customize it with Wix’s drag and drop feature quickly move parts of your page. You can upload your pictures to use, or use the free images from the Wix Finder Library. Without having to worry about having to register separately for a host, you can get a Outstanding looking website in less than an hour.

With Wix’s SEO Wizard, your site can be viewed on search engines, and you can add a lot of features, such as a form builder to add leads, social buttons, and chat boxes across Wix’s app marketplace. Some of these apps are free, and others are available for a fee.

Free offers

Wix has a free option, which is a good option if you want to try out the site before making a payment plan. With your free website, you will receive a Wix domain and appear on the Wix Ads website. Even so, you get up to 500MB of storage and 500 MB bandwidth as well as access to Wix customer support. You can use the same simple drag and drop web builder.

The Wicks Market includes more than 80 free apps that you can use to take your site to the next level, from the Vicks Podcast Player to the Wix FileShare to the Wix Blog and Wix Pro Galleries (to showcase your photos) and much more.

Hosting options

With Wix, you don’t have to decide between VPS, shared or cloud hosting, all sites run by Wix are hosted on the company’s cloud. With a dedicated hosting service, you may not be able to control the hosting, but at the same time, the inexpensive and heavy lifting is all taken care of by Wix.


With Wix, you can receive a domain-based email for your website, and you can set up a G Suite mailbox to work with your Wix website. Also, there are other third-party email boxes that you can set up to run with your Wix website.


Web site hosting or hosting shouldn’t be so challenging, this is an approach Wix has taken to heart. The company has a website builder, so designing a website is very simple and straightforward and includes the cost of hosting your site. Wix takes care of one of the most trusted names in the industry, all issues related to maintaining the website and troubleshooting.


Founded in 2006, Wix is a cloud-based website platform that gives people of all levels of design expertise a good look at Wix Web design and provides a great user experience. With Wix, you can run all kinds of websites, from a simple photo site to a music blog or online store. It’s your vision, and it’s so easy to put it all together with WiX.

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