How to Create a Youtube Channel

Youtube is a Google-owned Video network Platform and every day, people watch hundreds of millions of hours and generated billions of views

Ok lest then start, step by step

1st we want Gmail account and sign in youtube Create are you tube channel

Click the Create a Channel click the get started- youtube channel

And Click “GET STARTED” button

Select the user name for youtube channel

Choose how to create youtube name

Create your channel name Create your channel name

Uploading your Profile Picture upload profile picture for your you tube channel

Customize your channel

Customize Channel

Then Click the About tab fill the basic information you self or Business and add the channel cover art I all ways Recomennded Canva is user-friendly and easy

Ok, My youtube channel is already Done.

And the next step is how to Upload my Videos. for youtube channel see this image and click the Upload video button

How to uploard the video for you tube channel

Next Step is Select the Video File in your PC or Mobile Devices

Select the Uploaded Video file

As your video uploads, you can start Upload video data/including the best title/good description/and related tags. Your Video title should describe what’s in the video while being eye-catching and intriguing. Write with SEO(Search engine Optimization) -friendly keywords.
On this page, you can also add tags to help boost your video’s SEO ranking. For more on maximizing your YouTube SEO, in YouTube search engine results in 2020. Here are a few quick tips as you’re thinking about YouTube SEOWhen you upload the video click “Publish” to publish your videos, or “Save Changes” to save any updates, you might be ready to make a YouTube playlist, which is just as simple as uploading a video. vedioby checking the boxes to the left of the videos.